Red Dead Online: Graphics settings for RTX 2060S

Squeezing out the maximum
After spending 100 hours in multiplayer I tried different graphics presets, it wasn't enough for me all the time and I wanted to play at the maximum, but unfortunately, the non-optimized graphics points and my not very powerful card do not allow me to squeeze everything out. This preset can fit the entire RTX line., possibly a GTX close to the performance of the 2060S.

There are slight drawdowns in the preset, personally, it did not bother me in any way, but if you are a fan of monitoring continuous 60+ cadres, then you can use dlss(which I would not recommend using in the game at FullHD)

Graphics settings:

Graphics (The main)

Vertical sync: On
Triple buffering: On (eliminates tears and artifacts)

Texture quality: Ultra
Anisotropic filtering: x16
Lighting quality: High (greatly affects performance, on a picture from medium to ultra you will not see much difference, but for me this is an important point and I will squeeze more)
Global illumination quality: Ultra
Shadow quality: High (ultra power hungry and has a strong effect on fps, you will not see the difference in the picture)
Distant Shadow Quality: Ultra
Shading SSAO: Ultra
Reflection quality: Average (the most useless and voracious part!)
The quality of the mirrors: Ultra
Water quality: Average (settings above affect stability, you will not meet much water, but just one glance in her direction will sharply pull FPS)
The quality of the volumetric effects: High
Particle quality: Ultra
Tessellation quality: Ultra
NVIDIA DLSS: Off (in any other game I would advise to include, but in this game at this resolution this is the worst performance, due to the huge amount of details, particles you will observe ladders, artifacts, +unusually sharp picture)
Anti-aliasing TAA: High
Anti-aliasing FXAA: On
Antialiasing MSAA: Off (pc will burn xD)

Graphics (Additionally)

Graphics API: volcano
Resolution of Near Volumetric Effects: High
Resolution of distant volumetric effects: High
Lighting quality of volumetric effects: High
High detail light beams: On
Particle lighting quality: Average
Soft shadows: Ultra
Grass shadows: High
Long shadows: On
Full Resolution SSAO Shading: On
Refractive quality of water: Average
Reflection quality: Average
Water quality: 5/10 (higher drawdown)
Resolution scaling: Off
TAA Anti-Aliasing Sharpness: 27% (balance between essential soap and quality, I don't know about you, but I find this soapiness somewhere in the distance, in the desert necessary for complete immersion, if our views do not agree, you can try 40% with TAA on medium, either get used to DLSS)
Motion blur: On (taste and color, dive for me)
MSAA for reflections: Off
Geometry Detail Level: Maximum
Grass detailing: 7/10
The quality of the trees: Ultra
The quality of the bump textures: Ultra
Decal quality: Ultra
Fur quality: High
Tessellation of trees : Off

A preliminary look at what awaits you in the end / clearly demonstrating in business from a bad point of substitution so that without a drop of deception

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  1. иногда после выстрела в воду не появляются волны с данными настройками, ну а так норм

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