Summer of ’58: 100% achievements

Guide to obtaining all achievements.


All achievements

Longed for

[Hidden] Unfortunately, I did not notice, when did you get this achievement?. Probably, it happens, if you are in the main menu for a while and do nothing. If someone suggests in the comments, then I will update the description of this achievement.

Pioneer camp "Youth"
Welcome to the pioneer camp.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

And I don't mind stew
You fed the cats.

[Skipped] After that, how the main character kicks a metal can at the end of the corridor and talks about cats, you need to go back to your backpack and take the stew from the side pocket. After that, you need to take it there., where are the metal cans.

Painted doll
Russian wooden toy.

[Skipped] You need to examine the matryoshka, which is in the locker at the beginning of the corridor.

No place for strangers
The second night at the camp has come.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

Uninvited guest
You got hit in the head.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

The next morning…
You woke up after being hit.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

You found a photo of the camp.

[Subject] It is necessary to inspect the photo on the cabinet door in the corridor.

No place for strangers
The second night at the camp has come.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

Real killer
You read the director's story.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

Life story
You found proof.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

Lover of old photos
Collected all the photos in the camp, during correspondence.

[Skipped] The description of the achievement says it all, so I'll just attach screenshots with the location of these photos.
1. In the room, where the main character writes messages, on a bunk bed.
2. On the cabinet door in the hallway.
3. In the corridor near the box “mail” there is an envelope, in which photo.
4. In the hallway in the locker.
5. In the main room outside the door.
6. In the toilet in the locker.
7. In the toilet on the windowsill.
8. The last photo is given under the door by the child himself after the end of the correspondence.

No one will be offended
You picked up your pocket watch.

[Skipped] In the room, where the main character wrote messages, there is a clock on the shelf.

Strange journey
You have collected all your belongings.

[Skipped] Attention! Stay away from the front door. Before that, you need to pick up the dictionary in the room., where the main character wrote messages, as well as a sleeping bag in the main room.

You made it to an abandoned hospital.

[Subject] Impossible to miss.

The devil inside

[Hidden] There is a picture of the devil in the toilet in the hospital. You need to approach him.

I'll be back soon
Dead and buried ...

[Subject] In the room, where is the hanged man, there is a skull below, in which the knife is inserted.

Return to camp

[Subject] The main character returns to the camp.

From Day To Day
After the credits, there will be a sequel. If you did not wait for the end of credits, then skip the achievement. If not, then you will get into the room, where you get the achievement right away.



[Hidden] You need to go to the main menu and select the item “Level selection”.

Locked Up

[Hidden] How did you choose “Level selection”, then in this room you need to stand on a chair, then look at the photo, which lies on the closet.

Eerie darkness

[Hidden] Need to open Jacob's locker.

Find Yourself

[Hidden] Near the door “To the main menu” there is a bell on the right side of the cabinet. You need to examine it.


  1. You missed the hidden achievement “Have it your way”. Did you by chance find that one? I can’t figure it out.

    • I believe it is after the 1st night. Where you need to go into the two rooms, the one that has the dead body. It will keep prompting you to stay in the room but if you keep going back to the door to exit. It will eventually pop the ‘Have it your way’ trophy when you leave the room.

  2. For the Longed For achievement, the real name is what are you waiting for and the way to get it is to wait in the main menu for 10 mins. The main menu you can actually select chapters after you complete the game once.

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