CODE VEIN: Build Royal Guardsman

Honored bodyguard stands, Founded by our country father…OK OK, kidding. A build option for playing through this type of weapon, like a halberd. Does not belong to the category “one hit kill” and allows you to calmly, play comfortably on difficulty: A new game +3


“A small foreword”

My reader (with lat. My reader / My dear reader – as you like), before moving on to the essence of this treatise, I still allow myself to throw a Maltese scud a couple of times, and at the same time give a short explanation about some of the details and nuances.

● Why This Guide Was Written? – Great question! I would not say, that the answer to it has some kind of deep meaning or message, so let it be – just. Someone buhurt on the forum and in discussions, someone gets creative with the creation of sexy waifu, someone brings tons of screenshots, well, someone sits and writes tomes and treatises, by pen – contributions to the community vary.
● The presented build is licked with video? – To someone's regret, or vice versa, fortunately, not. The only guides and builds, which I watched – these are those, using a rifle with a bayonet, for, already to my regret, I never learned how to hunt through them. Melee weapon builds, including this, collected by me personally, without outside help – bloody Dark Souls and their ability to generate a constructor and experimenter inside the player…And there is no pleasure in stupid copying (for me anyway), but believe / do not believe – That's your business.
● Is this build up-to-date? – By itself. Build is relevant for the version 1.53.93354 and fully functional.
● Maybe then let's get to the point? – Undoubtedly! Unless I'm not going to lead the story, and my German ward, who will be your instructor. Visually, everything will look like this, as if you were in his memories – count, that they touched a fragment of such.
● Why such difficulties? – *Opening a dialog box *

– Due to thermonuclear fusion and the principle of operation of the synchrophasatron, this procedure must be carried out in this way [Science 34/70]
– Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question [Eloquence 81/100]
– You shouldn't have mixed Ceylon tea and that batch of Indian spices… [Perception 6/7]
– *meme with a serious cat * [Luck 9/9]

Sir Rosenheim:

I suppose, that all the necessary explanations on my part were given, so I give you this red crystal and go about my business

Royal Guardsman: dignity / limitations / basis

– Excellent! Do you think, that you can start writing a treatise, make your short sketch at the beginning and blame the rest on someone else? Hey, can you hear me at all? Hey! crap…

– Okay, it is useless to appeal to his conscience, so I will introduce myself first. My name – Reinhard, or “Mephistopheles”, if we talk about a pseudonym. maybe, we have already met, since I quite often answered the call for help. Although, on the other side…this circumstance is unlikely, because my last hunt was almost a quarter of a year ago, and the existence of twins cannot be ruled out.

– so, if I get you right, I need to make a combat-ready unit out of you, which could be called “guardsman”? Well – a matter of time, technicians, as well as your desire, But first things first.

First, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages, Togo, what you and my creator are calling “bildom”:


● Good damage and its stability – playing with this build, you can make decent damage and not have terrible drawdowns on it, when the abilities of a reinforcing character go into cooldown. Not the level of dark sorcerers at the peak of their powers, sure, but the likelihood of dying from one missed hit is much lower.
● Versatility – this build shows itself well as when clearing locations, and in boss battles, regardless of the style of play – solo or co-op / with AI companion.
● High mobility – this build has a high speed of evasion and movement, despite the type of main weapon, which gives certain advantages.
● Dynamism – due to the existence of a small insurance of the level of health and the speed of recovery of ichor, this build allows you to play aggressively without unnecessary risk.
● Availability – the main part of this build, with a few exceptions, can be collected in one playthrough regardless of the path you choose to the ending.


● Requires endurance control – this build does not forgive mistakes, especially on NG +. “Just press the left mouse button, to win” it won't work here.
● Low variability – an arsenal of basic techniques for this build, compared to the same sorcerers, not very big, although effective

Well…if the above does not scare you, and primary difficulties are not a problem, then I propose to continue and go to the base – that is, to possible Blood Codes:

Queen's killer (Protagonist)The best basis for this version of the build. Someone might immediately think, that we use this blood code only because of “The last path”, which can only be used in this blood code…I hasten to disappoint – not, not only because.
– Firstly, as far as my memory serves, time of action “the way” cut into 50% from the original, which greatly reduced its applicability (but, when used correctly, even in this state, he can serve us well);
– Secondly, by itself Queen's killer is a balanced blood code, which is perfectly adapted for close combat, what exactly we need.

Scout (Naomi)Second challenger, which could be called “nearly” best main, because the given blood code itself – almost a clean copy Queen's assassins. Slightly less strength in stats, a slightly higher limit of carry weight and its effect on maneuverability and a slightly higher amount of ichor (+ 4 units). If, for some personal reason, you disdain the previous option, then you can safely use this blood code, although the raison d'être, as copies, remains a mystery to me (it is only about the characteristics of the code, not including abilities)

Heimdall (Jack)Third challenger, which can be called a good option for the foundation. but, in comparison with previous options, using it is impractical – but you never know someone wants to experiment. Has a strong physical part of the characteristics, but magically sags below that, what we need, due to which you have to use the optional passive ability as a mandatory. In addition, it has a small starting stock of ichor, which also “such yourself” property.

Prometheus (Louis)This blood code, perhaps, should be classified as transitional: ie. we only need it until that moment, until you get one of the above claimants into your possession. Its further use will not make sense, because it has too broken characteristics (will have to use more 2 passive abilities for the correction of characteristics, to get some sense out of him – it doesn't suit us).

Hmm…once finished with this question – please go to the weapons arsenal

Royal Guardsman: equipment and modification

– so, we got to the armory – it's nice! While I am busy picking up and moving the appropriate equipment and materials, read a little historical background, which will answer the question “why will you be called a royal guard?”

● Alebarda – pole-arm chopping-thrusting melee weapon with a combined tip, consisting of needle (round or faceted) a spear point and a battle ax blade with a sharp butt. Was in service with the infantry of a number of European countries from the 13th to the 17th century, most widespread in XV – XVI centuries as an effective weapon against well-protected cavalry. It was later used as a ceremonial weapon., in this capacity to this day is in service with the Swiss guard of the Vatican.

– And, everything is so simple. Although…probably there was a question “ok guardsman, but why royal?”…Hehe…and you have not forgotten the blood of which monster flows in your veins? I suppose, that there are no more questions – in this case, you can go to that, what will you fight.

Primary weapon:

Black halberd – Our “golden weapon”, which we will crush the enemies of Her Majesty. Okay, just kidding about the latter – but that, what is the best option, you can be sure. Movset combines both stabbing, and slashing attacks, which allows you to quickly and effectively fight multiple opponents. Scales excellently from agility, which is even somewhat strange, since the description of all copies of the Black Hunter weapons clearly states, that they emphasize strength, rather than dexterity.
Location: City of fire rains, Basement tower, Depths: “Stone ruins”

Piercer – The second version of the main weapon for those, who likes to use drugs more, what to cut. (So, I didn't mean it!) Generally…normal weapon from the moment you receive it, albeit limited to thrusting blows in movset. Sure, this is fixed at the expense of some abilities, but still Black halberd will be better, as on movset, and scaling from characteristics.
Location: Howling pit, Depths: “Stormy stream” or in Rin (if you manage to lose or sell the received copy)

Berdysh – Transitional version of the main weapon, which will be advisable to use only until the moment of receiving Piercer. It could be regarded as the third option: good scaling, good chopping moveset, but, Unfortunately, even with modification does not pass by weight, which is important for our build. Strange of course berdysh, more like a war glaive, but…it happens – Vaughn Zweichander is generally more armature, rather than a blade!
Location: Ruined city center and at Rin

Secondary weapon:

Ice blood – The best secondary weapon option. Has a good sweeping moveset, including a special reception, area-damaging, and no less good scaling, especially from dexterity, what we actually need. Has additional cold damage, which is a plus, and minus at the same time, but in general, for this sword-like blade, this is not critical.
Location: Basement tower (at the first boss of the location)

Executioner – Not to be confused with Black saber! Although outwardly they are completely and identical, excluding color, this blade, in contrast to the saber, has much less weight and, again, good scaling from agility. It is the second variant of the auxiliary weapon., since it deals a little more damage purely from scaling, than Ice blood, but very inferior to her during the action of amplifying abilities.
Location: Exchanged with Jack for Gift Points

Assassin's Blade – Starting “toothpick”, which like Berdysh, is a transitional variant of an auxiliary weapon. Fast receipt, not the worst scaling, moveset and suitable weight, but in the second half of the game it does not compete in any way with the blades presented above. For this reason, it is only suitable for starting and, basically, can be replaced by a weapon of similar weight at will.
Location: Catacombs and in Rin

Bloody veil:

Graceful robeThe best veil for our build and, perhaps, the only one, since it has no competitors in terms of the totality of characteristics. She is the lightest not only in her category, but among all the veils in general. Notable for the, which has almost the same characteristics for the gifts of light and darkness. For such magicians, of course not enough and there are better options, but for us – the very thing.
Location: Headquarters and in Rin

Prayer shawlTransitional version of the veil, which is closest in terms of getting. By characteristics – not bad for a start, but the weight for the completed build is not suitable even with modification. Suitable for, to get used to the parry and backstab of this type of veil, to which belongs Graceful robe, well, it just has a nice hood.
Location: Howling Pit and at Rin's

Equipment modification note:

– To modify the selected equipment, we need only 2-3 material:

Chromium of Prometheus (Relief)
Location: Exchanged with Louis for Gift Points
Items for modification:
– Black halberd (necessarily)
– Piercer (necessarily)
– Graceful robe (necessarily)

Heimdall's chrome (Gain)
Location: Exchanged with Jack for Gift Points
Items for modification:
– Ice blood (desirable / optionally)
– Executioner (necessarily)

Chrome Finn (freezing)
Location: Enemies in the Crypt of Breath
Items for modification:
– Ice blood (optionally)

I see you are properly equipped. Gut. Remind that, that all the equipment you choose must be machined into +10 unnecessarily, so please proceed to the training ground.

Royal Guardsman: abilities and combat techniques (part 1)

– With a question about, than you will crush the enemy, we figured it out. Now is the time to figure out how you will do it.…Oh my gosh, get the halberd right! Yes, exactly – point and blade up. Okay, master your weapon along the way…

– so, ability. We have them 2 categories: passive and active (joke about it later). The first – make us stronger by default, second – are our arsenal of action, and, generally, this is an exhaustive explanation. Well, now in order…

Passive abilities:

Rapid destruction (Mandatory)
The roof code: Hephaestus (Rin)
Effect: Increases damage done in proportion to maneuverability. Since we have it high – we will make the most of this ability.

Dar alebardi (Mandatory)
The roof code: Darkness Warrior (Miguel)
Effect: Increases damage dealt by halberds. Comments are unnecessary.

The gift of reason and love (Mandatory)
The roof code: Harmony (Eva)
Effect: Increases characteristics “Intelligence” and “Will”. We will need them for enhancing abilities..

– One place for the passive ability remains free, so here you can put something, what do you like more and what will be more comfortable for you to fight. but, to start, while getting used to the build, I would venture to recommend the following…

Endurance + (Replaceable)
The roof code: Deputy (Unknown)
Effect: Increases stamina, due to which it slightly simplifies its control.

Endurance stimulant (Optional)
The roof code: Heimdall (Jack)
Effect: Significantly increases stamina.

Active abilities:

Phantom Onslaught (Replaceable)
The roof code: Prometheus (Louis)
Effect: A series of two strikes, aerial roll. For a start it will do, and later – questionable for use, since although the damage is not bad, but the problem is, that it is split in two, and the enemy wait for the end of your “dancing” hardly will.

Shadow attack (Mandatory)
The roof code: Assassin (Ricky)
Effect: One horizontal punch, slightly superior in damage to the previous variant. Fast enough and easy to use, as against one, and several goals.

Circular impulse (Replaceable)
The roof code: Queen's killer (Protagonist)
Effect: Series of five strikes, starting on the ground and ending in a jump. Basically, good attacking ability, but only until the moment you get the best option. The problem is the same, as for Ghostly onslaught – total damage split between five hits, two of which are oblique due to which they may not hit even a large target. And again – the enemy will wait until you finish dancing.

Abyss break (Mandatory)
The roof code: Heimdall (Jack)
Effect: One powerful vertical strike, damaging. Takes a few seconds to get ready, in this connection, you need to choose the right moment for its application, which actually pays off with the previous property. All his charm is revealed precisely on the halberd.

Unstoppable chariot (Mandatory)
The roof code: Darkness Warrior (Miguel)
Effect: Series of three thrusting blows, dealing decent damage. As for me – this is the best ability for a halberd, as it allows you to drastically shorten the distance between you and the target, taking the lead. Also has a small window between the second and third attacks, which allows you to dodge at the very last moment, if a, eg, the boss decided to unexpectedly charge you against. when you have already started the streak.

The path to glory (Mandatory)
The roof code: Eos (Io)
Effect: Increases attack power depending on the indicator “reason” and the power of light gifts. The ability is constantly applied, at the end of the rollback, since this is our main damage enhancer. It lasts long enough and does not cost a lot of ichor, which is why it is almost the best buff for attack power.

Purification by light (Mandatory)
The roof code: Queen's killer (Protagonist)
Effect: Restores 3/4 health from the amount of damage received from one attack. Vitality increasing ability, which is terribly quoted by sorcerers. She will also serve us well.

Last way (Optional)
The roof code: Queen's killer (Protagonist)
Effect: Ability, which enhances all our characteristics and fully restores health, and at the end of the action kills. How many buhurts she spawned before her nerf…uh. It is currently considered inapplicable due to the shortened time of action in 3 times, with which I fundamentally disagree.

Thunderous weapon (Optional)
The roof code: Mercury (Coco)
Effect: Buffs weapons with lightning power, as a result of which it inflicts additional elemental damage. Takes place The last path, if you still disdain to use it, or took the blood code as a basis Scouts. In fact, you can place any elemental / harmful buff on weapons and change it according to the situation.

Bloody feast (Replaceable)
The roof code: Hunter (Kevin)
Effect: Improves Ichor Absorption on Melee Attacks. The ability is relevant to use only until the best version is obtained..

Bloodsucker Blades (Mandatory)
The roof code: Artemis (Mia)
Effect: Improved version Bloody feast.

Royal Guardsman: abilities and combat techniques (part 2)

– And here it would be possible to finish with the abilities, but the restrictions on the size of the streams of thoughts did not allow me to do this. It's a shame.

– Returning to the original topic – the last place in the active always takes the ability of emergency assistance to comrades-in-arms, but…When, if you are a proud loner, or does it give you to look at that, how do your comrades die, then burn you in hell really some other useful buffs can be placed in its place. Based on my own experience, I would venture to advise the following…

Regenerator (Optional)
The roof code: Eos (Io)
Effect: Ability, which enhances the effect of regeneration from any drugs. Useful trick combined with a passive ability Enhanced regeneration from blood code Scouts.

Renewal of gifts (Optional)
The roof code: Astrea (White Mia)
Effect: Ability, which prolongs the duration of all positive buffs. Also a useful thing due to some savings in ichor.

Ash chaos (Optional)
The roof code: Queen (Queen)
Effect: Ability, which replenishes ichor on hit. Especially valued by sorcerers of all stripes. Despite the rollback time, on a solo trip, she definitely will not be superfluous.

– Now, with the abilities, everything is for sure, and you can briefly talk about the main nuances of combat techniques. From theory to practice.

Basic notes on combat technique:

– We will start from the medieval technique of fighting with a halberd, for, no matter how ironic it is, she shows herself very effectively in our dark days. In such an emphasis was placed on stabbing attacks, despite the seemingly superiority of our weapons over spears, in the form of an ax blade and a pointed butt. Let's start with the general basics…

The moveset of our main weapon (Black halberd) as follows: injection – horizontal dissection – vertical chopping blow, like a guillotine. Immediately sweep aside the last, since he has a long swing for a normal attack and we will stop at the first two.
● Strong attacks (PCM) we also throw it out right away – too long swing and dangerous window.
● The basic technique in any situation will look like this: prick-step-prick-step-prick-step. So we spend a little, but still less stamina, and also we attack faster, than with the standard bundle.
● Sometimes you can use a bundle injection – horizontal dissection, but she is more situational.
● Do not get carried away by the offensive – always after a series of attacks you should have stamina on 1-2 evasion.
● Halberd allows us to keep our distance when attacking, which in some cases allows avoiding the attack, not wasting stamina dodging – use it.
● Keep an eye on the enemy during the battle – the right timing and a sharp attack can make your life much easier.
● Do not forget that, that the halberd is good at knocking opponents out of balance.

Notes on combat techniques when clearing a location:

● When hunting in a location, try to support on rollback (CD) The path to glory and Bloodsucker Blades. You can also support and Purification by light, like wizards, but it's better not to get carried away.
● In the fight, as with small, as well as major goals, the basic link is relevant prick-step-prick-step-prick-step.
– If there are several goals, then you can start using the bunch injection – horizontal dissection, as well as Shadow attack.
– The ligament is also the case. injection – horizontal dissection-Shadow attack, but she better not be abused, so as not to drain the stock of ichor.
● Against large targets, you can use Unstoppable chariot, as the finishing blow on hit knocks them back and knocks them down.
● As strange as it sounds – try to move more and eat. With our veil type, parrying is problematic without practice., but quickly go behind the back (for mobility) and backstab – easily! The more ichor you eat, the easier it will be for you to turn around at the end.
Last way we don't need, therefore, for the duration of the cleanup, you can replace it with an elemental enchantment of the weapon or any other desired ability.
● If things don't turn out to be the most pleasant – change your halberd to a blade and “rubite, to survive”, either retreat.

Boss Fighting Technique Notes:

● Before the start of the contraction, immediately apply The path to glory, Bloodsucker Blades, and Purification by light. Last way keep ready, do not touch. If we do not hold, and in its place is an elemental weapon or any other useful buff – we also apply together with the previous ones, given that, that ichor is enough.
● We use only the basic link prick-step-prick-step-prick-step, to knock the boss out of balance as quickly as possible.
● After completing the link, use Shadow attack and retreat to restore stamina.
● At convenient times, when the boss is not aggression on you or just completes his attack – how count, drive him Unstoppable chariot.
● During the transition to the second stage (usually it is 50% health), super armor is applied to the boss, which reduces damage to almost zero, but does not remove absorption – use this moment, to gobble up spent ichor, and in no case use offensive abilities, with the exception of Ash chaos.
● At a certain moment, the boss will lose balance and will leave the battle for a short period of time – use this moment right away, how he started to fall, and not when he is already on the ground.
– If you are aggressively pressing – this is (previous item), probably, occurs before the transition to the second stage, which is a very good moment for, to drain his health to 1/4 or 1/6 from the whole strip without unnecessary risk.
– This is the very moment, when can I use Last way (on NG3 + it works quite well for itself), regardless of whether, whether the transition to the second stage has already occurred or not.
– A bunch is also added here without fail Abyss Fissure-Unstoppable Chariot-Shadow Attack (in that order and nothing else). Even without The last path, the boss will take colossal damage. When, if you help your friend on his first playthrough – then maybe move horses (excluding expansion bosses, The King of Skulls and the Royal Child – these are pretty fat gentlemen even on the first playthrough).
● In a critical situation, when the attack is already impossible to avoid, use block – it will not completely save you from damage, but the probability of survival will be much higher.
● A counter attack is only permissible if, if you are sure, that she will definitely finish the boss.
– Otherwise, for him, a special order may suddenly turn on a song Civil defense – Kill (yes-yes, the same part), and an unpleasant surprise will be waiting for you (especially true for the King of Skulls, starting from NG +).

– Hmm…I think I wanted to add something else…Exactly! A few words about, what my creator calls “additions”, or rather, about one active ability, which will be very useful to you. Her name – Conqueror's blade, The roof code: Pollux. but, you will have to explore it yourself, since I won't have time to say more. Why? Hmm…

*Reinhard pointed his finger up – on a white rift in the sky, which expanded faster and faster every moment *

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