Clone Drone in the Danger Zone: How to defeat the Emperor

In this guide, I will explain the boss behavior, his attacks and fighting tactics.


How to Defeat the Emperor?

You can kill the Emperor by hitting his head, like other robots. However, due to the armor and height, this is difficult to do., so it's worth dealing with these issues first. The problem of growth can be solved simply by hitting it from a hill., or by shortening your legs, but before that you need to pierce his armor.
There is no point in damaging the armor., if his drones are alive. They appear in armor, in the amount of three pieces. As long as at least one drone is alive, his armor will regenerate. They fly in circles, next to the emperor, so if the drone flies away from you, then it is worth going in the opposite direction to attack him, or another drone. be careful, The emperor will create new drones, if you destroy them. It is worth breaking them as quickly as possible., otherwise all his armor will be restored.
The next step is to destroy the head, but I think everything is clear with this.

Emperor's Attacks

Almost all of the Emperor's attacks are dangerous, but you can dodge them.
Hammer blow – The Emperor performs a vertical hammer attack, in the direction of which a similarity of a blast wave emerges, one line, and setting you and your ally on fire. It is slow enough that you can easily dodge or jump over it.. If you are in the ranks with the Emperor, then it is best to move sideways from the hammer, or a jerk from the Emperor.
Sword strike – The Emperor makes a double vertical attack with the sword. When attacking, keep a moderate distance from the Emperor., because if you get too close, you will not be able to jump over his sword.
Sword laser – The Emperor puts his sword forward and shoots a laser from it., top down. Dodging his laser will be harder, rather than a raptor laser, here he will move in your direction pretty quickly. The laser jerk will help you in this situation perfectly.. You can also walk perpendicular to the laser.
Hammer blow on sword – The emperor spreads his arms in different directions and hits the hammer on the sword, after which a shock wave appears, able to throw you to the other end of the arena. If he starts replaying this attack, try to jerk away from him, or stand between him and the wall, so he will throw you not far, and you will get up faster.
Fire breath – The Emperor leans down and starts spewing fire from his mouth. You can dodge by running sideways. During the attack, his head is an easy target..
Drone creation – The Emperor leans down and begins to create the drone. His head becomes an even easier target, but it will be much more important to neutralize the drone, sure, if you are sure that your attack will finish off the Emperor, it's worth a try.
Bounce – With a great distance between you and the boss, he will jump to you. It can crush you when it lands., or fold, so don't stand still!

Emperor's Behavior and Victory Tactics

The boss starts attacking with a hammer, then laser from a sword. At this time, try to get closer to his drone., along the way dodging. Then destroy the drones, using the advice from the first section. The emperor will build new drones, so keep an eye on him and destroy the appearing.
After that, go into battle with him., expect an attack fiery breath and the end sword attacks. Then try to attack and quickly retreat. If he starts a sword and hammer attack, dodge and get up (if you were thrown away) as quickly as possible. After this attack, he always hits with a hammer first., then shoots a laser. He will do the same if, upon landing after a jump, he knocks you back. Do not forget about timely destruction of drones.
By following this tactic, you will know what to do in battle and will quickly deal with it..

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