Siren Head Achievements: Awakening

These are guides especially for Russians.
Not who almost plays this game, and I alone decided to create this manual just in case, suddenly someone will come in handy.



So let's start with the game.
There are three levels of difficulty: Fine, easily(baby), and hard. Each difficulty has conditions.

Normal difficulty – your hero will have a stamina bar, SirenHead appears when you pick up any item, let it be leaflets or car parts. SirenHead's speed will be normal

So that he doesn't chase you and lose you, hide in an abandoned bus,bunkers and shagons.

Difficulty Easy(Baby) – your main character will run endlessly(he will not get tired), Siren Head will already be slow so don't necessarily hide from him, you can just run. Leaves for the secret ending simply disappear from the location, therefore, at this level of difficulty, you will not literally find them. You can only collect car parts.

On Hard Difficulty – The siren head will already appear at the beginning(not far from you), so you better hide, chasing the siren, the head will chase you fast, move fast too, your flashlight will now need batteries.

Collect car parts to complete the game, it is not necessary to look for notes, well, that's what you want.


Next, I'll tell you how to get achievements in this game..

To get this achievement, you need to find a picture in the form of a man from minecraft. He can be found in a gas station near a broken car.. The gas station is in the back of your car.. turn around and see a gas station.
See this picture 7 or 5 seconds and your achievement.

Beat the game on all three difficulty levels.

Find all 4 records.
1)The first is in the radio tower, look up and see go there and the record will lie there.

2) The second can be found in 3 bunkers.
The first bunker is located near the radio tower.

3) The second is located near the railway. Go to the end of the map and see a bunker.

3)The third is in two buses, the first bus near the middle of the lager, the second bus is not far from the secret bunker.

4)The fourth is in the village, I cannot describe where exactly it is… JUST LOOK CAREFULLY AND SEE!

To get this achievement, collect all the parts for the car.

1) the first is in the gas station.

2) located in the middle of the camp or in the village.

3) is in two carriages, go along the railroad and find them.

4) located either in the forester's hut (the hut is located near the railway) or in houses that are close to a gas station.

To get these achievements, you need to collect everything 4 records and details for the car at the same time in one game.

Just collect the parts for the car, and go through the game and these 2 your achievements.

For these achievements you need to find a secret bunker, it is closed. You need a code to open, code written in 4 notes that you will collect during the game.

Open the bunker and your achievement.

To get another achievement, you need to take 5 recording, 5 the record is inside a secret bunker.

There will be a pistol in the secret bunker, interact with him and get an achievement, and together with the achievement you will get the ending “Suicides”

To get these achievements you need to do the following, and this!
1) collect all 5 records.
2) open a secret bunker and take matches from there!
3) find a can of gasoline (this is a part for the car)
4) go to the gas station
5) light the canister.

When you light the canister, run inside the gas station., Siren Head will appear, canister explodes siren head died.
After that you will receive these 2 achievement and ending “The End”

To get this achievement you need to collect 5 batteries so you have them.
Batteries can only be found in hard difficulty.
Batteries are everywhere, so watch carefully. And yes save them. They are quickly spent!

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