Starbase: How to refuel the ship

A visual guide to replacing empty fuel rods.


Step 1. Find the fuel rod.

The game does not provide any guidance at this time., which parts of your ship are where.
It is usually located exactly in the back of your seat and glows red..

Step 2. Find replacement fuel rods.

Behind your ship where are the wings, there are replaceable fuel rods, by 2 from each side, which gives you a total of 4 spare rod.You will have to create new, if you spend them all.

Step 3. Remove the fuel rod from the container.

Press the E key, when the crosshair is over the rod, to extract it from the container.

Step 4. Remove the empty rod.

It's easy enough to do, how did you do in step 3, press the E with the cross over the rod and remove it, and then leave it in the area of ​​the rear fenders!

Step 5. Insert a new fuel rod.

Now the trick with rods is, that they should be aligned when inserted, pressing C while holding the rod, this will allow it to snap into place (to be attracted) to his native place, making it much easier to insert.
Throw out the used rod into space (or insert from the back into the fender) and congratulations, you can fly again!:)

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