Intravenous: Attainment “Weapon Enthusiast”

If you want to complete an achievement or just want to unlock all exclusive weapons, then this guide is for you.


Some information you need

Every time you pick up an exclusive weapon, you must complete a mission with that weapon on your character (in a holster or on a belt)

Also when you have unlocked exclusive weapons, then it will become available on the difficulty on which you opened the weapon and below.


Description in the game:
“Senior model of the Glock pistol series. Equipped with an automatic firing mode, rate of fire which reaches 1,200 shots per minute. Close Range LMG. Beware of kickback.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Slums of Addicts”
  2. We go to the first red arrow (a building with a bonfire and three opponents inside)
  3. We go down to the dark corner of the western wall (we cut down three opponents, otherwise they will notice)
  4. Glock-18C lies on a pallet


Description in the game:
“Made for a huge caliber cartridge .50 Action Express, this pistol deserves the title of hand cannon.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Apartment complex”
  2. We go to the first red arrow and southeast of the main entrance to the main building there will be a house.
  3. We cut out the enemy inside and go to the upper room of the house
  4. Desert Eagle lies on the table


Description in the game:
“Compact version of the G36 assault rifle series, manufactured by Heckler and Koch.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Abandoned Warehouse”
  2. We go to the westernmost part of the map, then we go down to the south of the map passing by the first warehouse
  3. When we reached the edge of the map, we go east until we can go south again
  4. We stop when we reach the second warehouse
  5. We go inside through the north door and climb into the ventilation shaft which is hidden in the dark
  6. HK G36C lies on the table in the weapons room.


Description in the game:
“Semi-automatic shotgun using magazines. A real nightmare at close range.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Redesignated Factory”
  2. Leaving the spawn place
  3. We go to the western part of the map and along the western wall we go south
  4. As soon as we reach the southern wall, we go along it to the east until we see a building with a shooting gallery
  5. Saiga-12K lies on the table inside the shooting range


Description in the game:
“Used by the United States Police and Army. This pistol is famous for its reliability and convenience.. Although equipped with a silencer, but still not as quiet as the MK23 due to the ammo used.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Shopkeeper's Mansion”
  2. We reach the Shopkeeper and kill him
  3. There is a key card on the table in his office., take her
  4. We go up the corridor and find the door we need
  5. P320 RX GLUSH lies on the table inside the room with money


Description in the game:
“Submachine gun, having a very high rate of fire and somewhat reminiscent of the MP5 in its aesthetics. Rate of fire in 1,150 rounds per minute makes this weapon a very good option for close range combat.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Abandoned Complex”
  2. Leaving the spawn area
  3. We jump out through the window and go straight down along the two houses
  4. We find a dark small building and go inside
  5. Scorpion Evo 3 lies on the table in the far corner of the room


Description in the game:
“Unusual assault rifle of Russian origin, owning the shooting mode 2 shot at a rate of fire in 1,800 shots per minute. This allows the shooter to produce 2 shot with a minimum deviation in the trajectory of bullets with one pull of the trigger.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Luxus Company Complex”
  2. We go to the main building (All the way north)
  3. If you entered the main building through the main entrance, then we jump out through the window at the end of the corridor and go through the window a little to the left. If you made your way to the main building through the northwest warehouses, then we just head to the upper dark corner of the warehouse
  4. AN-94 lies on a pallet


Description in the game:
“Big brother of the HK416 rifle, using caliber 7.62×51mm NATO. Sacrifices rate of fire in exchange for additional stopping power.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Chutkiy's Restaurant”
  2. We go to the restaurant itself
  3. We go into the main hall and from it we head east into the corridor
  4. We move along the corridor and after the intersection we go into the room on the left. There will be another room inside
  5. HK417 lies on the farthest table in the weapons room.


Description in the game:
“Has a penetrating ability from which Kevlar does not save. This submachine gun has a high rate of fire, low returns, and lethal in experienced hands.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Casino Bandits”
  2. We enter the main hall of the casino
  3. On the right we find the door leading to the corridor, we go into it
  4. We reach the turn and stop at the metal door
  5. we open the door and go inside
  6. MP7 lies on a table inside the weapon room
  7. Also, the MP7 can be in the casino guards


Description in the game:
“Equipped with a special system to reduce tangible recoil, which allows the shooter to fire with greater accuracy.”

How to find:

  1. We go on a mission “Epilogue”
  2. We go along the main path to the intersection and turn right
  3. We go east until we see a southeast house with a weapons room
  4. We go inside and we can enter the room or by breaking the door, or crawl through the ventilation shaft
  5. AK-107 lies on a table in the far corner of the weapons room.
  6. Also AK-107 is in the weapons depot higher in the northwest.
  • 1-th screen from the armory room under item 5
  • 2-oh screen of the armory under the item 6

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