HighFleet: How saves work in the game

Do you have any questions about saves? I will try to help you.

1. The game makes a save after the end of the battle, at the moment when it is generated, what will fall on the conflagration.
Hence the important conclusion. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the battle, then you can press alt + F4 and when you enter the game it will load you at the end of the previous battle. IMPORTANT. The game WILL NOT SAVE on exit!! If you don't want to lose progress, leave the game only after the end of the battle.

2. Floppy Cities. It seems to save and promise the ability to download, but it is not clear where and how. It's simple. After your Sevastopol dies (and the prince(you) with him), a button will appear to complete the campaign. By clicking it, you move to the window for calculating the final points, which will be added to your starting 100k for the start of the next attempt. So here, if you visited at least 1 floppy city, then in this window there will be a button with the name of the city with a floppy disk (in English and CAPSOM). by clicking on it you will not start a new campaign, and continue from the moment the battle for the city ends with a floppy disk.

3. If you are not going to be smart with saves, then the point 4 not worth reading.

4. Constantine, when I made a game with only one save, was not cruel to the players. You can right-click on the game in the Steam library, and there select the item local file location. The game folder will open for you, where is the Saves folder. In it 3 Profile_1 folders, Profile_2, Profile_3. These are your three saves in the download window. Each of these folders has files, this is actually your save. And there are folders called CAPS in English. You guessed it – these are city saves with floppy disks, which you have visited. What to do with this information is up to you))))

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