Revhead: Configuration for Panania 400PS

Configuration for the Panania Race on the Oval Gutta 400sil

I approached this competition already being an experienced racer in the vastness of virtual Australia and having passed all the stage races on Panania safely packed whole garages 3 cars of this wonderful brand (one 2000+ and two about 900+ forces) Well, think, what can be difficult, get a car, serve, refuel and go, but it was not there. In the competition, cars are allowed with a restriction in 400 strength and after several hours, two cups of coffee and a bunch of gray hair turned out as follows… In the configuration below, the ditols are listed to achieve exactly four hundred forces and a little on the drive with a suspension, in order to facilitate the passage of this stage as much as possible. Everything is assembled on an inline four with a turbine.

  • Block – Panania SLX4
  • Carburetor – Panania L4
  • Air filter, Oil filter, Starter, Generator, Timing belt, Thermostat, Water pump – here everything is standard Panania
  • Ignition – Racing Euroa II L4
  • Candles – Sports 4% ( Hereinafter, the percentages indicate the increase in power, not the state of the parts )
  • Exhaust manifold – Racing for turbine L4 8%
  • Turbine – Sports Panania 512,0 yes
  • Exhaust – Side single 2%
  • Muffler – Side 6%

Drive unit

  • Checkpoint – Euroa I 6-speed.
  • Differential – R4 W3 Euro II (4X4)
    Further down the drive optional, I sculpted from what was, you can try lighter parts.
  • Snow – Hillock
  • Half-shafts – Narnoo


  • Suspension – Racing Euroa I
  • Brakes – Racing Panania
  • Front rims – Burnu GT 285R20 with smooth rubber
  • Rear rims – Burnu 305R20 with smooth tire
  • Steering – direct Euroa II

Basically that's all, not the coolest config and with such an engine it can go faster, if you dig around with the checkpoint and diffs, but it was enough for me and I hope it will be enough for you too. I also want to add, I'm playing with an automatic gearbox, config for mechanics may differ in terms of the drive, diff and gearbox, here who likes to play.
Good luck in the vastness of virtual Australia! experienced, drinking coffee and just having a good time BeetleJuice.

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