1.600.000 for 10 minutes. Quick and easy money in Forza horizon 4

I will tell you about one quick and profitable earnings for beginners and not only.



First you need 700.000 credits. With this money we buy at the BMW M6 COUPE FORZA EDITION auction.

After purchase, you need: go to the garage > modifications and tuning > Autotalent. Next, you need to pump Auto Talents, affecting techniques, if there are no auto talent, take any fast car and start drifting and wrecking everything, but do not bump into solid objects or roll over.

After pumping auto talent on BMW, on it you need to go to the beach near Bumboro Castle and start drifting and demolishing everything, as I said above, this way you will quickly get auto talent points, which we need.

Way of making money

After that, how did you earn enough auto talent, need to buy one of these cars at a car dealership: Lamborghini miura p400, Maserati 300s, Mercedes-benz 300 sl cut, Nissan R390 or Tvr sagaris. By pumping these cars with auto talent, you can get a car from the same manufacturers, but in version Force edition, which are highly regarded. After purchasing one of these vehicles, go to auto talent and pump those talents, which open access to the new machine (displayed as a car with a gift). You can also unlock money and roulettes along the way. Here's an example on Mercedes-benz 300sl coupe

By pumping auto talent, I got Mercedes-benz SL 65 AMG black series Forza edition is free. Then I sit in it, I go to auto talent and pump auto talent, who give money and roulettes

After all this, I sell these cars at auction, Mercedes-benz 300Sl за 676.000 а Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG black series Forza edition за 2.009.000. Also, after the sale, about 8% from the sale. Set the duration of the auction on 1 time. After the sale, repeat all over again, this is the way to make money. This also works with the above machines.: Lamborghini miura p400, Maserati 300s, Mercedes-benz 300 sl cut, Nissan R390, Tvr sagaris, Но Mercedes-benz 300Sl – The best option.

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