Earning The Ascent Achievements

Greet you, trophy hunter. This guide lists all the achievements of the game The Ascent and how to get them. The achievements themselves are quite simple and not very difficult.. The game has the ability to play after completing the main story, so you will be able to get those achievements, which did not have time to receive during the game. Secret achievements will be marked as spoiler.
At the moment, there are achievements, which, for some technical reason, may NOT be received by some players. Such achievements will be marked as (BROKEN).

Story achievements

Achievements in this section are self-explanatory, you will get them as you progress through the game.

What was it?(secret achievement)
Complete the Arcology Blues mission

Disrupted party(secret achievement)
Complete the quest "Mutual Dependence"

New friend(secret achievement)
Complete the task "Change of terms"

Lust for power(secret achievement)
Complete the New Opportunities mission

Data Excavation(secret achievement)
Complete the mission "Data Hunt"

Mnemonic hunt(secret achievement)
Complete the mission "Alien Code"

We are all smugglers(secret achievement)
Run the task "Trace log"

The power of magenta(secret achievement)
Complete the "Syntax Error" task

Nothing personal(secret achievement)
Complete the task "Recompilation"

Disconnected board(secret achievement)
Complete the mission "Council Meeting"

Protocol 61A(secret achievement)
Complete the task "Project" Men-Shen "No. 1"

There's something there(secret achievement)
Completed the task "Project" Men-Shen "No. 2"

A new generation of AI(secret achievement)
Improve the "dog"

You will receive this achievement., when Kira pumps your Dog, after the next completed task from her.

Gratitude(secret achievement)
Get praise from Kira

You will receive this achievement after completing the first task., which Kira will give you.

Winnings(secret achievement) (BROKEN)

This achievement is awarded for completing all major(plot) missions in the game.

Cooperative play

Start your first co-op session

Just start playing with any player and get this achievement.

Helping hand
Revive a badly wounded ally

When the player takes damage, incompatible with life, he will fall to his knees and can only crawl. You will have limited time, to help him, if you don't, you will lose and start at checkpoint. Player, who will revive a friend, will take damage in battle, be careful. Only that player will receive the achievement., which revives an ally.

Battle achievements

It's only the beginning
Kill an enemy for the first time

Arms to the ground!
Make the enemy drop a grenade with the pin pulled

You gotta wait for the moment, when the enemy starts throwing a grenade at you. You will see animation. Shoot him at this moment and it's in the bag. Most likely, you get this achievement randomly.

Kill an enemy with exploding barrels: 10

Exploding barrels are located in a huge number of places, just shoot them, when enemies are near. Or, stand next to the barrel, lure enemies to you and hack them with cyberdeck, but so you have a chance to die yourself.

Combat wisely
Destroy a robot with energy damage

You need to kill any robot with a weapon, which deals energy damage. Nothing complicated.

Die from being hit by a katana

As you progress through the game, enemies with a katana at the ready will start rushing at you, You know what to do.

Brute force
Overload the enemy in a state of stasis, thus killing another enemy

You need to put stasis on the enemy, using any source, be it drone or augmentation. Then cause enough damage to overload and subsequently detonate the enemy. With this explosion, he must destroy a nearby enemy. Very easy to do in the lower levels, where are the crowds of savages.

Deadly overload
To apply 4000 units of stasis damage to a single target

First up, you need to find a big enemy, who will have a lot of health. A large robot or a big man with a hammer, for example, will do.. Put stasis on it and start shooting until you get the achievement. I used a rocket launcher.

Black “ice”
Apply black “ice” against enemy hacker

When you encounter an enemy hacker in battle, wait for the moment, when he tries to hack you (a yellow dome will appear above you) and immediately use cyberdeck.

Hackers, more likely, can be found on the bridge, which connects two locations: Umbilical cord and Corpzona.

Die more 100 time

Study, pumping
Flush the toilet and then use the sink

This chain of actions can be done in any toilet..

Take a nap or lose
Try “napping”

The required dealer will be in the Steamtown location, near the Wandas nightclub.

Start over
Reset skills once

You can reset at any stitcher, on the operating table.

Self improvement
To spend 3 skill points

Get out of the slum
Collect 200 000 uCreds

Collect, hack ATMs, sell equipment(the most profitable way) and everything will work out.

Fair deal
Sell ​​something

Settle matters
Complete side quest

Curious consumer
Read tablets: 10

There are quite a lot of tablets in the game, just be careful.

You took a ride on Interlink

Take a metro ride at least once.

Head hunter
Get an award

Kill a named enemy and raise a skull trophy from him. Then sell to any bartender.

Nice additions
Equip two augmentations and one module

Equip and upgrade parameters, to look like full chrome

Bump one of the parameters to 20.

Free candy
Get goods by hacking and destroying vending machines

Fully upgrade weapons

Upgrade one weapon to 10 level.

Anonymous withdrawal of funds
Hack an ATM

You won't be able to do it right away., since you need to pump the cyberdeck well, then find an ATM. One of these stands at the Golden Satori casino.

Universal hacker
Perform at least one hack in each of the categories

You will need to hack:
1) Door
2) Container
3) ATM
4) Any turret
5) Some kind of machine gun

Open all locations

Below is a list of all the locations in the game to achieve.

  • RBM-5
  • Serenity and more
  • Gratitude
  • Coders Bay
  • Vertex
  • Gate Theme
  • Deepwater
  • Crusher
  • Unit D
  • Golden Satori
  • Surplus
  • Issraz
  • Capsule parking
  • Cluster 13
  • Korpzona
  • Cosmodrome
  • Roofs
  • Meng Shen
  • Anthill
  • Neutral territory
  • Nitro track
  • Blade
  • Periphery
  • Subsector 41A
  • Umbilical
  • Waste recycling network
  • Twin Towers Stacks
  • Steamtown
  • Technoswalk
  • Knot
  • High street
  • Blooming hills
  • Black lake
  • Headquarters “Ascent Group”
  • Headquarters “Onyx Void”


Benefits for both parties (BROKEN)
Complete all side quests

Below is a list of all side missions in the game. Some tasks may not work and you will not be able to get the achievement, if you face such problem, write about her and her decision, if you managed to solve it.

  • It's time to clean up!
  • Muscle Express
  • Magic bubbles
  • By the very eggs
  • Jail break
  • Doctor “Humidity”
  • A dark horse (may not complete, since dialogue with the character is not available after rescuing him)
  • Exotic Dinner
  • Lost and found
  • Casino courier
  • Double charge
  • H2O (9-1st generation)
  • Another approach
  • Casino Courier II
  • Recipe
  • Champion
  • Bot-gasm
  • Casino Courier III
  • Casino Courier IV
  • Casino Courier V
  • Organosilicon Optics
  • Nightmare situation
  • Freeing operation
  • That dude
  • Daydreaming
  • Took a nap – means lost
  • Mobile “Laundry”
  • Cache


Connoisseur (BROKEN)
Fill in the information database

You need to collect all the records, which are written to the database.

Liquidator (BROKEN)
Open all records about opponents in the information database

You need to collect all the records from the section “Enemies”.

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