Yakuza Kiwami 2: Best Saves on Legend Difficulty

Additional bonuses

At the beginning of each chapter of the plot, you have in the Item Box all the unique weapons and equipment that can be obtained at that time.

ATTENTION!!! The Clan Creator Bundle was used to create the saves.. An Eye For Talent and Majima Construction Benefits saves may not work correctly if you don't have one.

In saving A Taste For Japan, order a drink from STIJL to get the achievement.

While keeping All Done, order dinner for Haruka in Kanrai to get the achievement.

In saving Amon Defeated & Story Of My Life go up to Jo Amon and fight him to get achievements.

In keeping An Eye For Talent, talk to future hostesses near Four Shine.

Save Battle Skills Master & Skills Master buy the latest upgrade to earn achievements.

In keeping Be True To Yourself, invite Kirara to dinner to get the achievement.

While saving the Champion Of The City, fight the last Street Boss to get the achievement.

In the Coin Locker Conqueror save, open the last locker to get the achievement.

In the Dragon Of Legend save, complete the final construction site battle to earn the achievement.

Save Half Performance, Half Raw Power Complete the last Colosseum tournament to earn the achievement..

In the Save Heat Action Master, buy the latest Heat Action to get the achievement.

In the save for Tell Me A Story and Hero Of The Story, go through another substory to get achievements.

Save Just Getting Started, Making Progress and Maybe You Can Do It do one more Completion List item to get achievements.

In Legends Of The Nightlife Save, win the last Four Shine Club Challenge to unlock the achievement.

In the Let’s Build Some Hills save, complete the last mission with Majima Construction to get the achievement.

In saving Life Skills Master, buy the last improvement to get the achievement.

Keeping Stats Of The Dragon, Limit Breaker and Peak Kiryu Buy performance upgrades to earn achievements.

While saving Majima Construction Benefits, hire another Majima Construction employee to get the achievement.

In the Save Movie Buff, watch the last video to unlock the achievement..

In the Opening Up A Can save, drink the last soda to unlock the achievement..

In the What A Player save, play the toilet mini-game to get the achievement.

In the You’re Not Welcome save, complete the last Bouncer mission to get the achievement..

Starting with Chapter 14 you have 100% passing through the Completion List and its internal lists.

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