Ships in Sea of ​​Thieves


  • Galeon

This type of ship has two decks, hold, eight guns, four on each side, three masts: Fok, Mainsail and Mizzen. The game team consists of up to four people, resources are stored in barrels on the second deck. Playing on this ship, your team's actions need to be coordinated, otherwise, at the first battle, you will be drowned for one or two. Players assign someone the role of captain and he, in turn, issues instructions.

  • Brigantine

The ship has two masts and four guns, two on each side. The team has up to three players. Very manoeuvrable vessel, in the hands of an experienced helmsman, and also fast. Resources are stored in the hold.

  • The boat

This is a small ship. There's only one sail, and two rifles, one for each side. Ideal for delivery missions. The team consists of up to two people. Although it would be possible for developers to increase the number of teams, to play even more interesting.

P.S. You can also create an alliance in the game, raising a friendly flag, but a lot depends on the wishes of other players. Everything else control, battle strategy and tactics will depend on your experience and the experience of your team. This is basically everything you need to know about ships in Sea of ​​thieves., in real life and history on these ships there were much more people and guns, but unfortunately most games are not true.

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