Dead In Bermuda: hints and tips

Here I would like to describe some non-obvious things in the game., which should help you to pass it on the normal level of difficulty if you have problems with this.



The most difficult thing in the game will be to survive the moment of the crisis when supplies from the plane and the nearest surveyed territories begin to run out, and you have not yet built all the necessary buildings.

The most necessary buildings that will need to be reactively built in the next order are: Bonfire, Rest zone, Gathering tools, Fishing rod, Cauldron and Fruit Basket. Pay attention to the last two positions: First, we build a fishing rod and a kettle and only then a fruit basket.

And in order to have time to do all this, it is important to understand some things.:

1. Starting a new game:

After starting a new game, take a close look at all the perks of all characters. If there are negative perks associated with increased depression or food intake, then do not hesitate to restart the game. In general, I would advise you to make many attempts., because the right perks will make your life very much easier. For example, such wonderful perks as a poor appetite or an optimist will suit any character, but more specific, tied to certain skills, of course, very desirable, so that those, who has this skill high. That is, if Yulia gets a Sharp Eye, then it will be great, after all, apart from intelligence, it is generally of little use.

Therefore, restart without hesitation until you get a more or less good alignment of perks at the start.

2. About the crashed plane:

The game says that food on the plane will spoil quickly. This is bullshit. It's just that each next trip to the plane will bring fewer resources., but it doesn't matter when it happens.

Therefore, I would recommend not to go on the plane at all on the first day.. Hunger is already at zero for everyone, but a lot of delicious food will fall out that will simply be lost. And then take a plane once a day, and when the resources in it become completely scarce already constantly.

Also, go to the plane as characters with the maximum level of gathering, well, that is, it's either Alexander or Yuri.

3. Character relationships

This is a very important aspect of the game that you should pay primary attention to.!

The fact is that when distributing tasks between characters, you do not need to build on only their skills.. Very often, good relationships between characters are more effective., than high skills. For example, right at the start of the game, choose to make a fire and put Yuri and Alexandro to the workbench. Their relationship with each other is zero, this will be denoted as 2,5 hearts. The first level of the craft will have approximately 50, the second has about 40, well that is 90 for two. Next, aim at the machine and you will be shown the effectiveness of their work and it will be in the area 1,6.

Now we take and replace Alexander with Ulyana, which has a craft level in the area 20. That is, for two with Yuri, he will have only 70. But hover over the machine and you will see that the work efficiency will be in the area 1,75, that is, above! And all because their relationship with each other is almost 100.

Moreover, each joint action adds or subtracts the relationship each turn and this is how they are initially higher, the more chances that they will be added and often significantly. Therefore, if you made any link, then go to her constantly. That is, let's say Bob and Jacob have the highest fishing skill and in the future they will fish together, so it's a good idea to always set them to be done together on different tasks, so that they have grown up in friendship by the time of fishing, which will give a serious profit.

And here's another important thing.. As already understood, for more effective team work, it is important to try to increase positive relationships., but this very often will also depend on depression!! Less depression, the greater the chance of an increase in mutual relations in plus in general and in a big plus in particular. Try to keep depression at zero for all characters working in bundles.

4. Stats and skills.

When the characters are given a level, they will be given points to distribute, the amount of which will depend on intelligence. It is very logical to pump in more intelligence for the first lessons., so that later they give even more points, but it won't be right. Then it may not come. Downloading gathering and physique. Those who have little physique – all glasses there. They will tire more slowly and take off more fatigue on vacation.. This is critical, because otherwise they will only do what to rest. We only pump intellect for Bob.

5. Other miscellaneous.

As I wrote above that, in my opinion, the fruit basket must be built last, which means you have to live on fruit from the plane, as well as water and fruits found on the island. But these will be one-time items so do not eat fruits.. There is very little sense, but without water, the gamer instantly comes – at once. Need to save.

About the collection of resources on the island.. Try to do this always with one chosen character.. swing the fighter. During the training camp, combat parameters do not grow badly, but you need a character with gathering.. My choice was Alexandro.

In general, until the end of the construction of vital buildings, do not rush to clear the map. You will have time to collect later, but a bunch of injuries will prevent you from doing everything as efficiently as possible, so collect only the essentials

By the way, in the menu around things you can interact with on the island, you will see functions in different colors.. Some options will be red, while others are white. Red means that the subject of interest will disappear later. So vanachale use white. For example, first we collect fruits, and only then we chop the tree.

6. Objects of interest on the map.

You can interact with many things and aborigines on the island in different ways.. For example, you will find a scale and you will be asked to collect stones or stones from them.. After choosing any option, they will disappear and you will get one thing.. AND… no trick.. you either get 5 stones, or +20 attacks to the one who will collect… The choice is obvious to me. :)))

The first aborigine on the map will be the grandfather. Don't talk to him right away. The thing is, that the next night after the conversation he will throw off 10 depression to all characters. Use it wisely.

The third fat man on a heap of grapes will throw off the hunger to zero to the one who talks to him. Do not feed the one who will do it, save on food.

Don't search the maiden's shell.. Kromet injuries get nothing.

Put the counter to the analysis. Wood and ropes are most important in the beginning..

Loot the tank when the food runs out. It has a lot of fish, and the basket will not be needed soon.

As soon as you build a stump, try to exploit it every turn.… Before building a pot, a lot of wood will be needed for frying food., and you also need to build.

When you find the fountain there will be five attempts to drink. It reduces all negative states such as depression., trauma, hunger, etc., but only the first two attempts, and then vice versa. So drink twice, collect bottles for diseases and do not touch him again.

There is nothing to sacrifice on the altar. Only get depressed, but here the head of the bull gives meat.

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