Deep Sky Derelicts: General Tips

Do not litter the deck. Better to have a simpler weapon module, but no extra cards. The same applies to all equipment slots..

Accumulate dodge, chance of a fatal blow, concentration or resistance to damage from scratch is not worth it. There are characters, which have these parameters for abilities, so it makes sense for them to pump them.

Buy energy to the eyeballs, especially in the first half of the game. You yourself will understand, when there is no need to replenish batteries.

Try to, what would your level correspond to the level of the ark.
Inspect the entire ark.

Feel free to retreat back to the drop zone and return for treatment.

Check the merchant after each flight and sort out your equipment.

Immediately remove support like medic from support characters, technique and weapon leader. Let them only have profile cards.

From Vasser

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