Deep Sky Derelicts: Quests and random events

Also in the guide there is a list of quests and their brief description..


Bring the cleaning robot away from 3 to 6 a pile of rubbish. Found with other loot. Better to collect 6 power.

Documents please.
You meet a robot pastor, who is looking for the intruder. After finding her and talking to her, you can either kill the robot and bring the head as evidence, or hand it over to the robot.

Burning pain.
You meet a seeker, suffering from severe pain. You need to find his partner, spend about 70 energy and guess, that his partner is trying to gesture letters. Return to the pain sufferer, then to his partner.

Take out the trash.
You meet the console, which is ready to recycle anything. You can feed her the intestines of a worm (but better not, they may be needed for the quest). Then you meet a scavenger, who doesn't know where to put the trash. Offer him to throw everything into the console (you may need to step away from him and speak again, for the appearance of the desired line of dialogue).

The hunt for notes.
You meet a taxi driver, who asks you to find your passenger. We find her, she asks us to extract data from the music console. Answering console questions (Sexta - 3, E - 4, Atonal - no rules). Back to the passenger, rent a quest to a taxi driver.

Pest control.
You meet a pest control, who asks you to get rid of the giant worm. Finding a worm you understand, that he is quite friendly and suffers from hunger. You can also see ion containers next to it.. Next, you need to find moss, put it in an ion container and feed it to the worm. Return to the exterminator and turn in the quest..

Conflicting messages.
Two people will ask you to send two different messages to the same recipient. To transmit both messages, you need to find the recipient, tell about, that there are several messages for her, send a message from a friend, then from a friend.

The console will ask you to remove two batteries from the smaller consoles and give you two passwords. Smada needs the Dryloop password. We answer her with corn - I will improve. For Grebeneox, the password is Sovetnitsalika. We answer the question to the Nazi - Viola. We return with two batteries to Hal.

Console Events.
Below is a list of events, directly related to consoles and the main plot.

The easiest, what can happen - you will find, that the data was retrieved by someone before you. Just leaving.

Some pirate fixed the console and left a note from "Plumber". We fetch the data and leave.

We meet at the necrostry console. We kill him and take the data.

Console in search of a hero. Consoles need to be proven, that you are a real hero. On the ship you will meet a man, which will suggest you, fight three robots, scattered around the ship. Kill them, and you are given a hero badge, with which you will receive data from the console.

Abakada. In the beginning, you will meet a robotic eye, who, dying, sends you an encrypted message that will look something like this СУЗЮВСС. Then you meet the robotic eye E. He will help you decipher part of the secret message.. Next, you need to find a broken robotic eye, which is guarded by skinks and bring it to E. After merging them, you will get the code to access the console. Activate it and immediately start entering the combination, which E deciphered for you (Combination C - North - Top, S - South - Bottom, W - West - Left, B - East – Right). When you select other items, the console will call the necroguard.

Refugees and pirates. At the console you will find several bandits. By defeating them, you will learn, that someone pulled the data from the console. Look for a group of refugees on the ship, they ask to save them from pirates. Go to the pirates. If you have a character with a developed intellect, the pirates can be persuaded to leave. We return to the refugees and get the data.

Collecting the puzzle. You need to find two puzzle pieces on the ship., after which the console will give you the data.

Эспинох. You will meet a man, who dreams of becoming a car. He will give you his picture, which should be shown to the console. Back to Espinoch, then back to the console and take the data.

Ueppo. The console asks you to retrieve blueprints from the other two consoles, gives the codeword1. One of the consoles asks to release it from restrictions using a code word2. We fulfill her request and get the first drawing. The second console invites us to install protection on the drawings. Agree and use the code word2. We return to Ueppo and feed him blueprints with protection. We collect data.

Ludus, the tablet. The console will ask you to conduct a psychological experiment using your tablet.. You can give the tablet to the police trainee and get a “good” ending, or give it to the policeman himself and get a “bad” ending. In any case, you need to go back to the console and pick up the data.

The ark.
The last mission.
There are a lot of morphs and new types of dead robots on the Ark. You need to talk to five consoles, located around the core. After each conversation, one of the levels of protection will open. At the core you will find the main boss. You can return before the fight, heal and replenish supplies. After talking with the boss, you will need to kill him. This should not be a problem..

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