Tribes of Midgard: Guides from Sfairat Ibrahimovich or how the FSOLA to demolish f *** about Fenrir

Step-by-step tips on how to, how fast(probably) in single player saga, skin a wolf skin.



Undersight contains mate, laugh ♥♥ chki, incompetence of the author and illiteracy.
Perhaps validol is required for reading. Just in case, i warned.

Little Yking's first steps

– we take the starter set of the villager
– pkm-ohm we break CUM day and 1-3 wood (if there is on the floor, in theory you can collect, but it's slower, everything needs 3 pieces of flint and 5 branches)
– craft a pickaxe and an ax (before that, having repainted the log into branches, and stones into flint)

The first aggression or the search for e ♥♥♥♥ swamps

– farm trees as aggressively as possible, CUMni, iron, beasts, sky, allah and barriers on bridges, marked on the map, along the way
– if you feel some aggression and maximum confidence, you can farm a couple of camps with forest bums, on the way to

< forest bum archer

< forest bum warrior

– on arrival at the b ♥♥♥♥ th swamp, looking for used ♥♥♥♥ th silver, need to 9 pieces
– breaking small ridges of goblins along the way, from them you need 4 small bones

< goblin

< by far a very dangerous brute, better just run away, can hurt to spit then, when not needed. Can kill goblins with spit. Rees fall from her onto a lightning sword.

– back to the village, craft the second green gear (the one for the silver), green shield (for small bones) and the blue sword (if you have not felt aggression before, we craft the green sword of the peasant and still farm 9 thorns with forest bums on a blue sword)
– biting on the heel of the first Yotun
– if before that there were not enough souls for up workbenches before 3 level (that's what I called the crafters in the village), after yotun enough
– if there is no seer class, you will have to apat the alchemist and craft protection from fire, to live in the desert

I quote the hood

– for the first 3 day you can put a bolt on the def wood, but then he will have 2k hp
– if there are enough resources from broken barriers, apaem CUMenolomnyu
– looking for a desert and always a magician-merchant, to buy additional resources
– 31 obsidian, 22 amber, 17 grenade for full fire set with shield (amber falls from fiery bums, but easier to buy in the desert)

< fire bum

– we repaint a little less than half of the leather into a hide and craft oiled leather, need already 34 pieces (most likely 34 will not)
– we craft pieces of fiery set for what there is enough skin
– breaking the face of the whole map, we get the skin on the set (with homeless people and animals), looking for magician traders (you need to find one in the swamp and one on the shore)
– you can make events on the map (before that it was also possible, except the prisoner, there n ♥♥♥♥ t)
– whichever, what was Yotun, craft orange weapons (I personally f ♥♥♥♥♥♥ play with something other than a sword, so if Yarnax is not one of the first two Jotuns ( lightning yotong), I am very upset and go to ♥♥♥♥ ♥ Fenrir with a stick blue sword )

Bridge and final steps

– if you haven't found a bridge before this time, easier to buy a card in the desert
– rebuilt bridge (you need to have resy with you, not built from the chest), CUM the quarry periodically drops the rees into the chest that need to be picked up

< bridge

– if there is no seer, again we go to the alchemist for a jar of protection from the cold
– looking for the lair of the wolf, throwing off the fragments of the Jotuns and events

< wolf lair

– we sell all the rivers, grandma's hut, collective farm, the village
– buy 5 shards of asylum(at the mage-merchant on the shore) and 25 shards of the quest (at the mage trader in the swamp)
– we fly from two feet into the hut to the fenrir
– YES HOW IS HER ♥♥♥♥ THAT or dancing with her ♥♥♥♥ th dog
– with ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I am from the country to the Valhalla or continue to defy the village and cut the Yotunov

< output

Bosses and Yotuns

The game has 4 Jotun species
Almost everyone is killed by one tactic, if the boss stands still and starts doing something, you need to run away from him.

< fiery
vulnerability: cold
– homing spit ( spits shells, two past and one into the player, if you stand under your feet there is a chance, that all three shells will fly by)
– sticking a sword into the ground (sticks a sword into the ground and deals damage in a large radius in front of him, easiest, just have time to jump behind him )
– foot stamp (raises a leg, keeps in the air for a long time and stomps, damaging, in a small radius below you)

< lightning

vulnerability: dark
– stabbing a knife into the ground (deals damage in a small radius in front of him)
– balloons (many balls, first time they fly after the player, then glow and explode, becoming and causing damage)
– ball (homing s *** and from which you need to hide behind something )
– circular (deals damage around itself, has animation faster than other attacks)
knows how to turn into an undercloud, from old attacks, only balls remain, totems are added, becomes a whipping pear if you do not leave totems
– totem (zaps a random target with lightning)

< dark

vulnerability: light
– appeal (spreads his arms to the sides and summons hel creatures, at the first lvlah they can hurt to stop and eat in a crowd)
– hand (points the finger at the target, a hand appears under the target's feet, damages, attracts , x * y you will see for the first time, disgusting)
– circles (presses his arms to his chest and creates three circles around himself, feels like an apocalypse,
run as far as possible, the good is not so often cast)

< ice

vulnerability: the fire
– throw (throws a block of ice at the target, painfully)
– foot stamp (raises a leg, keeps in the air for a long time and stomps, damaging, in a small radius below you somewhere already it was)
– punch (hits the ground with his hands, deals damage in a large radius below itself)

< dog hunched

– howl (does damage underneath for a long time, painfully, you can beat the tail)
– bounce (jumping, lands, deals damage in a small area under the paws)
– forepaw kick (stands on its hind legs and hits the front on the floor, deals damage in a radius under the front paws)
– bite ( deals damage in a radius under the head)
– stones (the stones are crumbling from above, many areas with damage, safe zone under belly)
– tail kick (deals damage in the area under the tail)

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