Space Rangers HD A War Apart: How to complete the quest “Depth”

For those, who cannot complete the quest for a very long time “Depth” aka “FUCKING BATISCAFFE!1!” aka DNIWE BANNOE.
This guide was created for lack of adequate for this quest.


Quest problem
The main problem with this quest is in the description of the place., where the action will take place.

For some reason, the developer named the search point “salary”.
Naturally, the player imagines a terrain on a hill with all the attendant…


We deal with the surface (from 35x35 to 90x90) in deepening

Based on this, and so called. “slope” – it is rather an elevation of the terrain from the surface we need

This concludes the guide., if you want to get to the place yourself.

Spoilers ahead

How to manage this thing (spoilers)

  • Remember, what is the origin point – it is you.
    numeric value X;Y – this is the target point from you
  • Immediately reduce the sink rate to 200-150
    Depth usually starts with 4000 to 7000 m, with a sinking speed of 300m / m (default) you will reach the bottom very quickly and you will have to go through the quest again
  • Select the axis with the highest elevation angle as the first point of arrival
    Asking the captain about the features of the bottom, he will tell you, what “slope” rocks from the south (H axis) will be N1, and from the west (Y axis) – N2.
    on which axis will the greater “slope”, to that and go. Otherwise, you will hit the bottom.
  • I get hit on board. What to do?
    Turn on the spotlight and roll in place. You were attacked by a big fish.
  • Surface area – this is not the area of ​​a valid destination
    They will describe the area of ​​the plateau as X1xY1, which can be misleading.
    Ask the captain “…Explain plainly, what should I do?” and he will give you one “square” in which you should arrive. It is smaller, than “plateau”

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