Subnautica: How to kill the leviathan reaper?

In this guide, I will tell you how easy and SAFE to kill the leviathan reaper..


Things you need
1. Stasis Rifle, to keep the leviathan from moving, which is crafted from: 2 Magnetite, 1 Titan, 1 Battery, 1 Chip.
2. Lots of Gas Follicles, who throw off Gas Belly from time to time (collect carefully, it will hurt!).
3. Sea Glider / Any transport, to move quickly.
4. Food, water and other supplies.

The process itself
Stage 1. Sailing to the Reaper.
Stage 2. Freeze it with the Stasis Rifle (preferably fully charged).
Stage 3. While he's in stasis, swim as close to the head as possible, and throw away as many gas follicles as possible (the bigger, the better).
Stage 4. We repeat the above actions once 2-3.
Outcome: Done! Leviathan slain!

1. Don't get too close to the leviathan's face, otherwise he will bite!
2. After the explosion of Folicul, wait a few more seconds 10-15, otherwise it will hurt.
3. Try to hit better with the Stasis Rifle, and consider, that the Reaper's hitboxes are on his head.
4. If you kill a reaper in the Wreck Zone, beware of other Leviathans nearby.
5. When sailing on a Moth or Crab, leave them away from the battle site for safety reasons.

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