Reigns: How to get Excalibur

This is a very small tip for playing Reigns.,since I didn’t find it on youtube. Here I’ll quickly tell you how to get Excalibur.


After that,how will you meet “The fortune teller” he will tell you a prediction,and you must complete his phrase. In order to understand how to get a sword you need: answer “King”
2.if you have options “sword” and “young woman” answer “sword”.If not then try another time.
3.the fortuneteller will say:”I see a sword made of earth,fire,water and acid”.

For,to get the blade we need to go to the dungeon.:to the left “Neutral” and right “Land”.Surprisingly, we do not need to go into the ground, although the fortuneteller said about it.
Then everything just goes into neutral then into fire,water,acid and get into the room “Sulfur”,”Sword”.Go to the sword, take the excalibur and you get a bonus:”You can use special moves without prior protection”.There is a door behind the chest and if you had a key ,then you can safely leave.
Hope I helped you enjoy the game.
From Mnik

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