Reigns: All achievements

When I started playing this game, I was surprised, that there is no guide for getting achievements, so decided to write it myself.


“Collective” achievements.

Attention! These achievements are time-consuming to obtain and are collected as you progress through the game in parallel with others., so just do not forget about them when passing, and thinking, it will not be difficult to get most of them.
For more information on obtaining the achievements All the deaths and All the characters, see the end of the guide,
everything is very clear there and even with pictures.

  • All the characters
    Meet all the characters. To do this, just agree to any acquaintances and meetings., which you are offered. (I will describe all the characters in a separate category., as already said, at the end of the guide)
  • All the deaths
    Die with all possible deaths. This achievement is quite easy to obtain., if you just play longer, but for the impatient I will leave (again at the end of the guide) ways to die by all death.
  • All the cards
    Hardest achievement in this category, because it takes many hours of gameplay. You just have to constantly choose different options for the development of events., and of course meet different characters, so they give you their cards. (By the way cards with a skeleton from 3 endings, which you will not meet in the dungeon, but in the ordinary world, probably also considered unique, but I'm not sure)

Achievements, endings related games

  • The End n°1
    Simplest ending. Just come to 1998 years and meet the devil, then tell any person yes, then die, and the ghost will come to the next king, answer his question also yes and the game is over.
  •  The End n°2The End n°2
    The ending is simple too. IN 1998 year, after the coming of the devil, answer everyone no, when you die, and the throne will pass to the next king, a ghost will come to you, and answer him yes.
  • The End n°3
    Hardest ending. I see no reason to describe it, after all, this has already been done before me by a person under the nickname SkiF. During the passage was guided by his guide.


Achievements, reign related.

  • Shooting star
    Just die ruling less, than 3 of the year.
  • Elder
    Rule for over 50 years. It is also easy to get (I was able to reign for over fifty years simply by alternating yes and no answers), but if you fail, then orange mushroom can help you, to which the dog will lead you. (mushroom, by the way in the forest, so if the dog leads you in the wrong direction at first, just choose option “not, not here”, until you come to the forest)
  • Mummy
    Rule for over 100 years. This is already difficult, because you can die of old age, but just correct it well and I think you will get this achievement.
    P.S. I still haven't been able to get this achievement., but I will try again, and if there are any secrets I will tell you, well, or someone will write in the comments.

Other achievements.

  • Millenium
    Reach for 2000 of the year. This achievement is obtained by completing any ending other than 3.
  • Duelist
    Win a skeleton duel 5 times in a row. Just win.
  • Hecatomb
    You die 100 time. Just play about 3-7 hours and you will do it.
  • True pacifist
    Don't do the will of the devil. The easiest way to do this is after his first visit.. When you get the curse, don't tell anyone yes. The devil will come to you through 100 years and will remove the curse from you, said, that you are a real pacifist and there are few of them left. Then you get this achievement..

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