Ghost Hunters Corp: Expulsion of ghosts Basic ways

A small guide to banishing ghosts of all kinds.
Or how to earn start-up capital.


Types of ghosts and their features.
We 5 kinds of ghosts, conventionally divided into 2 group (the difference in the amulet).

Afraid of the crucifixion.
1) Demon – The demon's calling card is his laugh when asked if he hears you.(“Spirit, can you hear me”). Most often looks like a zombie, can crawl, or can run.

2) Poltergeist – The business card of this spirit, constant sounds in the house, all sorts of loud knocks, squeaks, etc. Most often it looks like transparent and green.

3) Shadow – Doesn't like to climb out into the light(This is what the developers say). Most often, a dark, incomprehensible something.

Afraid of the Virgin Mary.
1) Revenant – Can't get up. Apparently he drank a lot during his lifetime, and therefore, after death, his feet do not hold him. Crawls on all fours.

2) Children – These vile creatures when asked “Spirit, can you hear me”, often respond with children's voices in the house. They look bright white and small, like all ghosts, they respect gymnastics in the form of a bend of the back on 180 degrees.

How to start a session.
I strongly recommend that you learn to exorcise spirits at an easy level on the map “Lost home”.

So, what you need to start:
1) Crucifixion.
2) Virgin Mary statue.
3) EMP.
4) And drag the Analyzer with you with the left mouse button.

On the first run, we leave everything on the doorstep (In the room).
1) Turn on EMP and drop it on the floor.
2) We put the statue of Mary on the floor( IMPORTANT!!!! SHE WORKS ONLY ON THE FLOOR!!!!)
3) We throw the crucifix as close to the statue as possible.
4) We turn on the analyzer and also leave it on the doorstep (In the room).

Before you go for the second batch, I recommend asking if the spirit hears you. If you're lucky, after this question, it will be possible to immediately recognize the Demon and the children.
In the second batch, we drag:

1) Camera.
2) Palaroid or radio( depending on the results of the answer to the question from the previous post)
3) Analyzer MEL-8G0
4) We are holding a notebook in our hands.

We throw off everything, what was brought to the floor, except notepad.
Attention, Notepad works only in hands. We ask one by one to Draw in a notebook or Write in a notebook.

The essence of what, sometimes the notebook is buggy, and if you hear the sound of the rustle of a pencil- try to take a picture of it, and then look in the gallery, what did you take.

Further difficulties should not arise. All according to the instructions.

Once you find all the evidence. All exorcisms must be completed.

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