Secret Neighbor: Easter eggs associated with levers

Hello, neighbors! Hope you are having a good time! In this guide, I will show you how to activate the leverage Easter eggs in Secret Neighbor..
To activate this Easter egg, you need to find 6 levers and pull them.
P.s. You need to dial 6 players and you also need to pull all the levers at the same time.

First Lever
The first lever is in the basement. You need to play as a Neighbor to enter the basement and pull the lever.

Second Lever
The second lever is in the barn behind the Neighbor's house..

Third Lever
The third lever is located behind the closet on the second floor in the bathroom.

Fourth Lever
The fourth lever is also on the second floor in a huge room with blue wallpaper. The lever itself is located above the wooden bridge that leads to the roof.

Fifth Lever
The fifth lever is behind the chimney on the roof in the attic.

Sixth Lever
The sixth lever is also located behind the chimney but already on the roof itself..

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