Indecision Achievements (how to get a)

Guide for those, who has difficulty getting some achievements.

If you have been stupid at some point, then quickly press Alt + F4, and go back to the game, to restart the level.


First (First)
Right to the door.

House (Home)
Jump to houses with lights on and try not to fall into the water.

To choose (Left/Right)
Never mind, which way to jump, the door will be with any.

Just push the button.

Earthquake (Shake)
Run to the girl 3 times, then at the door.

Move in any direction.

Spring (Spring)
Move in the opposite direction from the dark figure and stop, when she starts blinking. Repeat, until the door appears.

Resignation (Resign)
Walk right to the door.

Right too.

Edit (Change)
Stay in the boat and enter the door.

Return (Return)
Jump to the left, then at the door.

The control (Control)
Don't press anything.

Obedience (Obey)
Press the button marked on the screen once and wait for a while.

Slow (Slow)
Don't press anything.

Similar (Similar)
Swim past the door, without going into it, at the level “Edit” (With a boat and a shark). Now at the end of this level, there will be a skeleton on the boat. We go into the door and get an achievement.

Fall (Fall)
Wait a little, then move all the way to the right and then left to the door.

Cave (Cave)
Go left, jumping over obstacles along the way.

Kettle (Teapot)
Break the kettle, then jump into the hole to the left and further to the door.

Stop (Stop)
Carefully income to the end, until a piece of land appears, then a small part of the thorns will remain, which can be jumped over.

Flies (Fly)
Just wait.

Disappear (Disappear)
Run one way.

Cover all shapes, except for the three highest.

Owl (Owl)
Come in the door after, how people in masks will be hit by a car.

The escape (Escape)
Press the ESC button, go to the door and wait a couple of seconds. With the Russian translation, it will be more difficult to guess before.

Distance (Distance)
Pay attention to dust particles, there actually you are. Carefully jump over the level and get an achievement.

The end (Edge)
Left to the door.

The end (Edge)
Walk to the very edge of the roof, after which you will be pushed by a red-haired girl, further we go to the door behind her.

Bait (Bait)
Right to the coin, then left until it stops, the door will open in the wall.

Past (End)
Jump, without touching garbage cans.

I do not know, why exactly this achievement was hidden, but to get it you need to complete the game 3 times.

Have a good day (Have a nice day)
Given after 10 passes.

There is no achievement for the level with a stone, so I will write its passage here. To roll the stone hold the button to the right (or left) and before, how the stone starts to move in the opposite direction, release the button and wait a couple of seconds, then press the button again and so, until you roll up (or roll) a rock.
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