Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin: Monster riding skills

This guide will list all the mounted skills of monsters for convenient farming of Evernologists and not only!


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During the passage Monster Hunter Stories 2 the following scenario is often played: Going to explore the new Evernologovo, counting on a large number of corks, you notice a red chest on the map up the ivy, want to climb it, and Naviru tells you: “It wasn’t there, мяупарник, it seems, we don't have a suitable monster with us!». And you start watching Monstropedia in a panic in the hope of finding the right monster, who can climb ivy.

Familiar? understand. Me too!

Monster skills part 1
Below is a list of monsters with certain abilities for more comfortable looting of chests in Evernologists, and simple adventures across locations. Look, check and add to your packs.


Lets take off.


Lets you swim.

Lava walking

Allows you to walk on lava in the volcano area.


You can jump from a special platform.


Allows you to quickly move around the location.


The scream of a monster scaring everyone away.


You can pass all the monsters unnoticed.

Plants search

Discovers plants in the area.

Search for mushrooms

Discovers mushrooms in the area.

Finding beetles

Looking for bugs in the area.

Search for honey

Looking for honey in the area.

Search for ore and bones

Looking for ore and bones.

Search for monsters

Finds his own kind.

Finding nests

Looking for monster nests


Breaks small boulders.

Monster skills part 2
Mega Crusher

Breaks huge boulders.


Digs holes to loot.

Climbing ivy

Climbs the ivy.

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