Zombie Panic! Source: How to get the achievement TATSRAVE

In this guide, you will learn, how to get the secret achievement TATSRAVE



Before, how to start, you should find out some information:

Achievement can only be obtained on the map zps_deadend. There is a "counter", which counts everything, what did you do. Each action from the list below counts as "+1", if it is performed by a survivor, and like "-1", if done by zombie (top left of the screen, next to your HP meter). Each action can only be performed once per round, so, if someone else activates the trigger like a zombie, you will lose progress, and you will need to start over in the next round.

In this way, from the above this means – you need to do all things in one round, playing like a human. Total 9 action.

First you need to activate the radio (act 0). In fact, there is no order of their activation., so you can use any, what do you want.


0. Activate the radio in the church. This action must be performed first.
 1. Click on the button in the graveyard behind the church
2. Break the bust, using firearms. Using a pistol, you need to do 10-15 shots on the bust
3. Shoot out the window of the red car
4. Click on the button inside the warehouse near the church
5. Click on the button next to the elevator inside the warehouse across the street from the previous building
6. Go to the phone in front of the second warehouse. He should ring
7. Shoot out the window of the blue car at the gas station
8. Press the button at the gas station
9. Click on the button near the burning cars
If done right, then you can hear the sound of bells from the church. After these actions, return back to the church and activate the radio again. Achievement TATSRAVE will be earned by all living survivors.
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