How to quickly complete the Blackjack of Strip game on 100% having received all the achievements and things

A detailed guide about, how to complete the game as quickly as possible, getting all the achievements and buying everything, what is in the game for sale


1 Preparation

1.1) When you are of legal age, first you need to make sure, that there will be no people next to you, who shouldn't see you playing, in which there are not only naked characters. If you are going to play using more than just a computer mouse, you will need to prepare everything, what can be useful to you during the game, so as not to stain anything during… sweaty rink. Also, you will need to find a person (for convenience, hereinafter referred to as “friend”), who will agree to help you with knocking out cooperative achievements
1.2) Enter the game
1.3) Press the button “Help”. In the window that opens, read the rules of the game. Press the button “Close”. This is necessary in order, to understand how to play it approximately. Next you will need it

2 Online game (it's better to start with her)

2.1) Press the button together with a friend “Online game”
2.2) Your friend should immediately click on the button “Enough” how will this opportunity appear.
2.3) You must score more points, than friend:
2.3.1) If you are playing with voice chat (for example, by Skype, Discord, WhatsApp or other), then just get more points, than your friend typed. About that, how many points he scored he should notify you by voice chat
2.3.2) If you play without voice chat or don't want to mess with it, then just score any number of points from 12 to 21. As soon as you collect the number of points in this limit, click on the button “Enough”.
2.4) After a few wins in games, when your friend's character is naked, the game will end and you will receive one coin. You still have to win so much 59 games (not 49 and this is important), having received all the achievements for the multiplayer game

3 Single player game

3.1) Being in the main menu of the game after the 60th victory in a multiplayer game, you need to press the button “Score”. In the window that opens, scroll to the very bottom, then buy the armor in the section “Other”. For each purchase in the store, you receive one achievement.. If you wish, you can now buy everything, anything, but you can do it at the very end.
3.2) Click the button “Close”, to be in the main menu. Click the button “Single player game”
3.3) Now you need to win 10 fair games against the bot. Well, how honest. The game is somewhat broken, as a result of which the game will not be entirely fair
3.4) Being in the main menu of the game after the 10th victory in a single player game, you need to press the button “Score”. In the window that opens, buy just everything, what do you see.
3.5) Congratulations. You have earned all the achievements and can now play in peace. (or not to play) in Game, in which all content and achievements are unlocked

Let's help each other

At the moment, I need to knock out achievements for the network game and we can help each other with this. Add me as a friend and write about, that they would like to raise achievements in this game together with me. Let's help each other

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