Back 4 Blood Beta: What weapon to choose for the game?

Here you will find out, which is best for the game! All this without taking into account body kits. (with them the weapon will become even better!)


Close combat
Ax! The best weapon in terms of speed and damage.

Assault rifle
And this is of course AK47!!! No strong recoil, good ammunition, damage. You can take SCAR for more damage, but not everyone will want to put up with such a return.

The best option would be VECTOR. Shoots from the heart, release your whole soul into zombies. No recoil, good damage and with attachments will become a killing machine!

M1A best ranged weapon! good damage, with body kits will be a bomb! Shoots a burst.

870 EXPRESS killer baby! The combination of damage and rate of fire, you get a crusher at the exit.

The M1911 is just a good barrel with good damage and low recoil.

machine gun
M249 good damage, weak recoil, convenient sight, rate of fire – all at the highest level!
From Nagiso

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