Orcs Must Die! 3: Successful combinations of traps

In this guide, I tried to clearly state my findings of the most successful trap synergies., which are relevant even on difficulty “Portal Lord”. This information will be useful for beginners., but experienced battle mages can find something new.
so, the game revolves around the storming of fortresses by orcs. To stop this permanent WAAGH, we must use traps rationally, because the resources in the game are limited.

Before moving on to the main part, a few words about equipment for each fight. Firstly, ALWAYS take barricades with you. These absolutely non-damaging flimsy wooden structures turn the game over in your favor., than all the other traps combined. Secondly, do not neglect amulets. IMHO recharge trap amulet and empty portal – must-have in any party. Thirdly, upgrade traps, with whom you do business. Not enough skulls – throw off: if the company is passed on a battle mage, then improve to the maximum 10 items of skulls will definitely be enough. In addition, if you need to do N damage to improve or something like that – you can go with this trap a couple of times on the first mission.

Now let's start discussing the subject of the conversation..

Who has ever played any part of this series, knows these fast and annoying creatures. And an unsuccessfully missed kobold with explosives can ruin the rink at a time.. My wife and I, after many experiments, came to the conclusion, that there is nothing better against kobolds, than a ceiling laser with an improvement in the number of beams.

Two rows may not be enough, but three are enough in 99% cases. And if you pour resin under them, then no one will leave from under this construction without a portion;)

Sure, there are still options to use sulfur, but it discharges too quickly, and sappers often run in the middle of a wave.

Dragon corridor
Sometimes (but less often, than I would like) come across on the maps of the place, long corridors, against the walls. In such areas, magical dragons feel great with an improvement on bouncing off the wall..

In such a situation, trifle dies in batches, kobolds do not leave such places in principle. In addition, dragons ignore the barricades, not counting them as obstacles, so that you can equip narrow passages (with the help of barricades) and leave to drink tea. As a bonus, dragons hit with magic, which imposes on the target the effect of increasing any type of damage, bye the target is pink. You can combine this tactic with any other., if there is space, where dragons could fly.

Bottleneck: lasers
As mentioned above, the barricades deserve to be cast in bronze. One of the reasons – with their help, you can form a bottleneck in the middle of the passage, which can be generously filled with damage distributors. One way to do this – block the passage so, so that there is one cage for the passage of the orcs next to the wall, pour resin in the direction of their movement with an improvement in deceleration, and hang a window with butterflies on the wall. This is a budget set, which subsequently will need to be supplemented with a flower and something wall, taste. I recommend wall blades or millstones.

Even though it, at least, it was not obvious to me, but the window with butterflies works great at height 1.5 cells (as in the screenshot) and does not clog the place necessary for the millstones.

After a series of experiments, my wife and I came to the conclusion, that this scheme loses its sky-high efficiency at the difficulty level “Portal Lord”, but her potential is great.

Bottleneck: mace
Another way to create a deadly zone using barricades – hang a mace instead of lasers. The location is the same, but you can achieve more damage with acid geysers. The thing is, that acid poisoned (even more “green”) orcs get on 50% more physical damage, which increases the effectiveness of the mace, millstones and blades.

An important element of this scheme is the presence of flowers behind the barricades.. Flowers paired with butterflies perfectly concentrate orcs in a narrow aisle. the main thing – remember to take action against sappers!

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