Escape Room The Sick Colleague: Walkthrough guide

The manual was written by me especially for the players, who, like me, absolutely do not understand the solution of these puzzles 😀


Yellow Stickers – white castle
1. You will see yellow stickers on the board, which is mentioned in the tooltip in the game. They need to be put in alphabetical order.: -I-L-R-C. Further, you already find 4 underlined numbers and drive into the lock. Code for the lock: 3702
You will need discs later.

Plates with mugs – Red Castle
After that, how did you open the yellow lock – close this box 😀

To open exactly red castle you need to open the drawer from the bottom – under a box with a red lock.

The drawer also contains leftover mugs with plates.. For convenience, you can put everything on the table. For, to turn over mugs and plates – press F.

Dishes you need to put as they go by numbers: from 1 to 4.
Mugs you set by dialing, combining with plates.

Red lock code: 7843

In the box you will find crap and a hammer you do not need?, you will need the latter in order, to get the key out of the vase, what's on the box.

Box with chess pieces, Chess board, disks.
Padlock, which you pulled out of the vase needs to be inserted into the box, what's on the box next to the chessboard.
When you open the box, you will see figures, as well as a description to them. From there, you only need one white piece..

Remembering our disks, that lie in a box with a red lock. We get them out of there, we consider them carefully. The locations of all the figures are written on the disks.. There are only 3. 2 the figures are already on the board. They only need to be moved to the correct squares..

Arrangement of figures: pawn on 4B, 7F elephant, queen 2A
You need to take the white elephant out of the box. White figurine, which is already on the board – we don't need. Take her away. ( I don’t remember what it’s called, sorry )

After that, how did you put everything right – the bottom drawer will open.

Piece, which you found in the box under the chess, you need to put / put on a picture on the wall next to the window. By clicking the left mouse button, you can turn it over.

Here the note on the left comes to our aid.. You just need to count the triangles in that order., what is written on the note. This will be the code for the safe, which is lying next to the closet, where is the vase. Shorter, next to the paintings.
Triangles: 3 blue, 1 yellow, 2 gray, 5 orange
Code for the safe: 3125

Box on the wall, red box + ruled leaves
In a black safe, which we just opened – hair lies. We only need one.
For, to understand which ones, you need to open the box on the wall, which hangs next to the door.

To do this, you need to find everything 3 striped sheet. One sheet lies in the lower left cabinet with a vase, where were the plate and mug. Second sheet is outside the window. You just need to move the curtain. BUT third sheet attached to the table, from below, next to the window.

Nice leaves on the board:

And flip to F. Numbers will be written on the leaves. We put them in the correct order: from 1 to 3. I'm lucky, I did it right away 😀

This will be the code from the lock on the box., what's on the wall.
Code: 357

There will be a TV with Varya.

For, to open the red box, you need to take a bag of red hair – this is Vary's hair. And also with a leaflet with the name Varya (Barbara).

We put them in this order and run to drive the code into the red box.

There will be figulina in the red box, with which you can open the grate above the fireplace and get into the next room.

Second room: all decisions
Before, how to crawl into the second room – take a flashlight, which lies in the chess box. Like the second in a row.

We go to the room. Turn on the flashlight with the left mouse button – you need to put it on the table before, Well, or gender 😀

We point the flashlight at the wall with blood jam:

We see the name – we drive it into the lock on a long dressing cabinet.

There we take only a black folder and a camera.

We need a camera, to see the combination for opening a black folder.
Take your camera. ( of course, turn it on in the same way, as a flashlight ) Walk up to the pipe under the shelves with wigs. There will be a hole. Sit on ctrl. And left-click on the hole. You will see a black screen, where will you need to find the combination:

I took the screen from the manual in English. I do not know, where they could get in this quality, but oh well – thanks to him and for that.
Skewer combination on black folder: Left on 5, Right to 35, Left on 0
Take a letter from the black folder, read it, there will be information for the counter on the wall: 2, 3, 4 off – the rest are included

The correct sequence for switching on and off is already indicated here..

After that you will see, that there are red bars on the map, to understand, what do we need – take another letter.

I don’t remember where I can get the information, but the essence is this, what is the favorite color – this is red, at the kidnapper. There you can still understand by the wigs – them 3, that more, than others.

From the letter with the addresses, we learn, the rest of the code for the green box.

With this moment I was stupid for a long time, but here is the code: R816. R – red – ginger
Here is an explanation for the numbers:
The numbers in the address book are sequential. That is, by columns in red, you find addresses, memorize or write them down. And then look for them in their addresses, but, so that there are numbers.

Drive the code into the green box, and there will be a card. This card must be attached to the white piece next to the door in the first room..
Apply. and TADAM!! You completed the game.

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