1. Artifact
you will receive immediately, after the usual walkthrough and killing the boss at the end of the bowels.

2. Artifact
After the murder 1 boss, an altar with a half seal will appear in the original location, you must take it and carry it to 2 stage (Crystal caves 1). On 1 the locations of these caves you will find the same altar, with 2 half print. You just need to bring 1 half (which you have) to the altar and the cassene will start, in which you will be transported to 2 peace. There, where is gravity, you just need to get to 2 boss and kill him. And so, you already 2 in the artifact.

3. Artifact, he is the most difficult and last.
1. stage. You need to get to 3 locations (Ruin 1) and find a seller, buy a device to capture the pursuer, further you (desirable) go to an open area and install the device and wait, until the pursuer comes (it can be summoned by the seller, pressing on the heart). Then you have to do this, that it would go through your trap device, and he will automatically go up to the cage ( you can end the race and return to your facility ).

2. stage. At the facility you will see a cage with a pursuer and a pipe, which comes out of the cage to the outside, her heart will hang from her, you take your heart and look for a weird dude, who walks around the object and pushes you all the time, if you get in his way. You must throw your heart into it and wait, until he gets to the elevator (which brings you down) and you will see the cascade.

3. stage. You go down to the bottom, and looking closer you will see a bloody mass on the ground. It will increase with each new run.. You can, or start a new race every time you go down, or, to prepare for 3 boss. After that, how something will hatch from the bloody mass (the game will write it for you), you need to go on again 3 location (Ruin 1 or 2) and look at the vines, if they are bright bloody color, then this is something here. Further, you are looking for a room with an unkillable giant mage holding a staff ,you need him, but, to get it, gotta wait again, either summon the pursuer and lead him past the magician, to make his body decompose. Take the fallen staff, it will act as a navigator. The staff will shine red, if he points to the stalker portal, which is your destination .Take a shot, using the staff in the center of the portal, it should now have a less transparent surface in the center .
4. stage. You go and find a VR construction. As soon as you enter the capsule, you will enter The Construct . The structure consists of four sections, each section is a garbled version of the script (which is in the game menu), you need to go through everything 4 script, defeating all enemies inside and find a way out.

5. stage. After that, how do you complete everything 4 section, a new portal will open and now you can fight with 3 boss .

Everything, you have everything 3 in the artifact, then you again reach the end of the last location (Ruin) and the long-awaited gates open to the Final 4 Boss.

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