Castle Crashers: pets (where are they and their abilities)

Mr buddy
helps to dig faster
can be dug out at the very first location

Sherbet the cat
allows you to jump higher
is in the Animal Ark above the door with a lock

i thought owl
finds fruit for you
located behind the cave that leads to the location “Forest edge”.

Sea Horse
allows you to walk faster on water
located by the stream in the Forest of Thieves location

gives regeneration
located in the Forest of Thieves location is behind a wall that can be broken by bombs

Falcon (rat)
Attacks an enemy lying on the ground and brings food
Blow the horn at one of the tents in Tall Grass Field.

Ram Rammy
rams enemies
need to kill (mini boss) Shaman bear on a field with tall grass.

Gives +2 to strength.
Located on the location Field with tall grass, before climbing the mountain, you need to eat a sandwich and move a stone, then blow up the crack wall

Will stun the enemy and deal damage.
you need to kill the boss big bat at the Bat Cave location

Increases the chance of an item drop from enemies.
Can be purchased at the Church Shop for 325 coins.

Gray Kitten
Gives +3 to dexterity.
To find him, you need to leave the Cyclops Cave location back to the Parade location.

+2 to strength
Blow up the cracked wall at the Cyclops Castle location (after the first painting with the Cyclops)

+2 to the defense
Buy at Lavka on the volcano for 680 coins

Parrot Cardinal
Brings secret weapons
can be found at the location Mechanical lock

Increases the experience gained by 10%
Dig it out at the Desert opposite the pyramid without a top

Shoots plasma at enemies
Enter the crack at the location of the Alien ship immediately after the criminal

Increases the chance of falling fruit from grass
Kill the Saracen at Desert Chase

+1 to strength and +2 to dexterity
Break the wall with a crack with a bomb at the location Inner chambers of the sand castle

Horned Frog
Picks up gold, weapons and food
Can be dug up at the Swamp location in front of the third crypt

+5 to protection and -5 to dexterity
Found at the end of the Swamp

Increases healing from fruits
Buy in Lavka in a swamp village for 585 coins

+1 to strength,+1 to protection and +1 to dexterity
can be dug up at the location of the Flooded temple in front of the gate

+2 to magic
Found outside the ark door,can be opened with a key.

Prevents player from being frozen
Found in the Snow World behind the house

Polar bear
Attacks enemies and deals damage
Blow the horn at the end of the Snow World location

Pazzo the dog
Shows places, where are the items buried
Can be purchased at the Snow Shop for 750 coins

Sea lion
Shoots at enemies with snowballs
Buy from the Crazy Shop for 1100 coins

The Dragon
Shoots the enemy with fire
Can be purchased at the Crazy Shop for 1100 coins

Golden Whale
Gives 1 gold after a certain time
you need to Buy the game BattleBlock Theater

need to find all these pets
From tricky

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