Don’t Starve Together: Waterlogging will come next week!

Update “Don't starve together: Swampy version”
12 August we will add an update “Don't starve together: Swampy version” live version of the game. With this update we are introducing a brand new ocean biome with a lot of cool stuff, new 64-bit version of the game and several changes in the boat.

Don't starve together: Waterlogged changes:
Added wetland ocean biome

– Big Tree Trunk

– Knobby tires

– Rice, with new recipes

– Herbal alligator

– Sea strider

Added 64 – bit version of the game!
Change of Boat:

– Now all boats will eventually stop, no matter, do they have an anchor or not.

– Doubled the top speed of boats.

– Significantly improved performance on worlds with a lot of boats(depending on the number of boats, on 50% improved overall performance).

– Boats will now properly collide with all off-screen objects.

– Upon re-login, players will now respawn on the boat, on which they logged out, no matter, has she moved since then, how they logged out.

New Twitch Drops
We'll bring the skin of the Fish Bat “beat him” to the Marine collection. For a list of participating streamers see. in the spoiler below.

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