computer for a new modified quake 1 released in August 21

judging by my own test


and so what kind of computer do you need

in full hd the game eats from one and a half to two gigabytes of video memory
на GTX 1650 she gives out steadily 240 fps with load on the card in 60-80%

it is logical to figure out what for 60 fps enough some kind of GT 1030

for 144 fps need GTX 950

for 240 fps – 1050 you or 1650

for 144 fps in 1440P will need the same GTX 1050 you or 1650

for 240 fps at 1440p ( type monitor odyssey gi7) need a GTX 1650 super or GTX 1060 3gb

for 60 fps in 4k is enough for the same 1650 calmly

for 144 fps in 4k ( major ips monica under 100k) enough a GTX card 1660 or GTX 1070 as specified in the requirements

well, in general, the game is not demanding , you will surely be fine

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