Battlefield 4™: My Loadouts or the ultimate infantry gear selection

Infantry loadouts, which i use.



Sometimes I do not mention some body kits, this does not mean that they do not need to be installed, this means that you need to install body kits to your own taste


  • MainWeapon:AEK-971 (Stubby Grip, Heavy Barrel, Laser) (Medic)/ M416 (Heavy Barrel,Underslung Rail, Laser) (Assault)
  • SideWeapon: Deagle .44 (Heavy Barrel, Laser)
  • Gadget 1Defibrillator (Medic) / M320 3GL
  • Gadget 2 Medic Bag
  • Any knife, which you like
  • Grenade M34 Incendiary
  • Perk Combat Medic. (Medic) / Offencive (Assault)


  • MainWeapon: As Val (Laser, Ergo Grip) /MP7(Heavy Barrel, Laser) / MX4 (Vertical Grip, Compensator, Laser) / MTAR-21 (Laser, Muzzle Brake, Stubby Grip)
  • SideWeapon: Compact 45 (Laser, Compensator)
  • Gadget 1 Rpg-V72/Stinger (solo playing) OR MBT LAW (Teammate W/ PLD)
  • Gadget 2 Repair Tool
  • Any knife, which you like
  • Grenade M84 Illuminated
  • Perk Mechanic


  • MainWeapon: Machine gun of your choice (I liked the stock rpk)/ Saiga 12k (Full Choke, Stubby Grip, Laser)
  • SideWeapon:.44 Magnum (Heavy Barrel, 3x Scope, Laser Sight)
  • Gadget 1 Ammo Box
  • Gadget 2 C4 Explosive
  • Any knife, which you like
  • Grenade RGO
  • Perk Indirrect Fire


  • MainWeapon:SRR-61 (8x, Variable Zoom,Standart Barrel/Supressor, Bipod) (Long distance) / Gol Magnum (ACOG,Laser, Muzzle Brake,Straight Pull) (Near Distance)
  • SideWeapon:Glock 18 (Laser, Heavy Barrel)
  • Gadget 1 T-UGS (Camp Gameplay) / PLD (Teammate W/ MBT LAW) / MAV (Spotting)
  • Gadget 2 Radio Beacon
  • Any knife, which you like
  • Grenades M18 Smoke
  • Perk Sniper

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