Europa Universalis IV: What is the horde?

A guide to the most funniest form of government in europe for single player – about the horde.


Foreword (from the author)
For 1500 hours into this wonderful game, I decided to summarize all my knowledge and preferences regarding the gameplay component of Europa Universalis IV in single player mode, and that is why this guide will cover the topic of such a form of government (and play style), like a horde (English. steppe horde).
Why exactly the horde? At my expense, this is the most exciting and, equally important, with the greatest conquest and combat capabilities from the earliest stages of the game (and not only early – the further, the bigger the horde – any horde – turns into an indestructible annihilation machine). The last 100-200 hours I spent in this game playing exclusively on hordes (but played them, of course, and early), and no form of government or any other state for 1500 hours of game as hordes do not bring me such pleasure and excitement. Moreover, I find, that this form of government is the strongest, and maybe even the only one imbovy – I even think, that being a horde is much more profitable, than a revolutionary republic / Mughal sofa / Prussian monarchy in reality single player – Consequently, this will allow you to enjoy your time playing (which the developers are trying with all their might to kill, but it doesn’t work).
Hopefully, I interested you, You played Mongolian folk songs with a jew's harp and went into a trance, and now you can proceed to a more thorough analysis.

What is the horde?
The entire nomadic world at Europa Universalis:

To be more precise, “horde” this is not a form of government, and state reform (on mechanics EU) – the form of government here is the tribe (tribal). The tribes have several government reforms, one of which is called so “Nomadic horde”:

This should immediately suggest a thought., that any tribe can become a horde, completing the entire branch of state reforms and at the last stage to squeeze out the horde (using Najd as an example):

T. is. do you play as African tribes, arab, indian, tibetan, siberian (chukchi, whiplash) or at least for American – you can always go through all the reforms and roll into the horde with the help of the latter

Non-tribal governments, of which most states in the game – all monarchies, republics, theocracy – cannot become a horde in a legal way through reforms, but there are also illegal ways, eg, if you completely devour all of Poland for the Great Horde (what is the monarchy at the start, t. is. not a tribe) and release her as a vassal, pre-reseeding on this very Poland-vassal (there is a function to play as a vassal when the nation is liberated) – this new Poland will change the form of government from a monarchy to a tribe, thereby making it possible to also live through all the reforms and become a horde (O yes, Poland-Horde with +33% the power of coffee ..):

Every government reform has its own bonuses – bonuses for all orders are as follows:

  • +20% to recruits (more meat)
  • +20% to army limits (more room for meat)
  • -5 years to separatism (Rebels will cool the fuck a little bit, will rebel less)
  • +50% to the speed of plunder of provinces (O yes, free bucks with provocation)
  • +20% to the speed of movement of your troops (now this damn bot won't run away…)
  • -50% to the cost of replenishing troops (saves bucks a lot)
  • +25% to the ratio of cava to infantry (the horses do the stuffing)
  • -15% to the proliferation of institutions (yes and fuck with him, see point above)

That's not all, there are still hidden bonuses!:

  • +5% disciplines in 100 cohesion; +1% disciplines for every 10 cohesion is higher 50
  • Free Casus Belli on all neighbors, which gives even fewer penalties from aggression on 25%
  • Your units do extra +25% shock damage on flat terrain – plains, land, deserts, steppe, arid lands, coastal deserts, but also get a debuff on -25% Shock damage on any other terrain – hence, horses must play in certain “necessary” landscapes, but if they do it – any enemy army will split into atoms and molecules
  • Your tech troop group will become nomadic. I wrote it down as a bonus and as a plus, for – to 6 voenteha the horde cavalry is the most powerful in the game by pips, to 16 Voenteha is on the list of the best cavalry in the game (with a number of some other technology groups) – t. is. Your main combat unit is “hegemon” to 16 military equipment, and to 6 tech – is the absolute leader in tearing the anus. BUT? what? After 24 voenteha horde cavalry becomes the weakest in pips? Pie friend, even after 24 warrior the cavalry of the horde is the best – for there will be no other cavalry in the world by this time, because by this time the horde will have time to conquer the world twice.
  • Unique ability – devastation of captured provinces! You get Monarch Points, money and solidarity for each captured and plundered province (profit depends on the development of the province). Hence, conquest of new provocations – this is something more for the horde, than for other types of states – if others have to grab the provings and wait, until each conquered proving pays for itself over time, the horde gets profit at once, and special – in the form of glasses of the monarch. This has a dramatic effect on the gameplay. – the more provinces the horde ravages – the stronger she will be, moreover, this force is expressed in mane. And not only!

Further below – I'll reveal in more detail some of the bonuses and gameplay

How to play the horde? What gameplay?
How to play the horde? – Aggressively!
What gameplay? – Oh ******** oh!

The main postulate of any horde – the more I conquer, the stronger I get. What is the difference from other types of states? In time! Horde like no other – quickly builds up its potential and can turn into a skating rink to conquer the world faster than anyone else – the more you fight, the more provocations you ruin, the more provocations you ruin, the more mana, the more mana – the more annihilator you become. Even your solidarity gives you the right clue. – it always decreases (-2 base per year, -3 for 600 and more development of your state), and it can only be raised by plundering enemy provocations (t. is. just stand by the army on the check of the state at war with you, You rob her and for every 4 baksa plundered – You get 1 cohesion) and by plundering the captured provinces (for every ruined 2 development – get 1 cohesion). Cohesion falls relatively quickly in peacetime, but it is growing at an absolutely horse-like pace, when you fight and ruin. This is what you should do.. Yes, Horde has the most aggressive gameplay in the EU.

The next characteristic of the horde in gameplay – army layout. There is such a concept, as “cavalry to infantry ratio” (cavalary to infantry ratio), and in ordinary countries it equals 50% – t. is. usually, an army without penalties can consist of a maximum of 50% infantry and 50% cavalry, further increase % the ratio of cavalry for such an army will be undesirable due to the addition of an additional debuff “poor coordination”, what gives -25% tactics in battle (which is very fatal), if a, eg, Muscovy will make an army 10 infantry to 11 cavalry, she will already receive this debuff. State type “nomadic horde” additionally gives +25% this ratio and it becomes equal 75%, and here, further, I will divide the entire nomadic world in the EU into two camps – namely Tengrian and non-Tengrian – The thing is, that the Tengrian religion without syncretic beliefs gives an additional +25% to this ratio. Total – cavalry to infantry ratio = 50% base + 25% horde + 25% tengrianism = 100%, What means, Your army can consist entirely of one cavalry without any penalties and you need to strive for this, for the backbone of the army for the hordes – cavalry. You would not play on any horde, You should maximize horses in your army as much as the ratio of cava to infantry allows. for example, if you sat down to play for Kazan – Your cava to infantry ratio will be = 50% base + 25% horde + 10% Sunni = 85%, t. is. Your army can consist of 3 infantry regiments and 17 regiments of horses without fines. Oirats = 50% base + 25% horde + 25% Tengrianism without syncretic faith = 100%. Oirats can make an army of 20 horses without fines
Outcome – make the army across the front width as high as possible % cavalry, as far as the ratio allows you, and with the advent of the era of guns – add guns to armies. You will get a horse-cannon army without- or with a minor addition of infantry regiments.

Are horses effective on the horde? The answer is definitely yes – additional 25% charge damage and horde ideas (about them below) decide. An example of a typical horde battle against any sedentary (and does not matter, Is it min, Muscovy or Osman – all fly off the same – the main thing is to fight on flat landscapes for the sake of +25% onslaught bonus and with a general with a pip on onslaught):

Losses 300 to 4000 in pressure:

Losses 4300 to 21000 in battle – if the place for the battle is chosen correctly, the general is good and you are lucky with the cubes – such battles will be commonplace

Now more about busting provokes – be sure to bust every wire, which you captured – whatever product and whatever development there may be (the only exception, which could be – wires with gold), – without devastating provinces, the horde will not be a horde!. For a certain amount of development, which you ravaged you are given the points of the monarch – how many monarch points you get depends on:
Base points, received for each devastated development of any category (taxes, production, recruits – for ruin “taxes” get admin panel, for “production” dipku, for “recruits” military), equals 25
Further, from 25 you need to subtract the level of your military, exceeding 3 – t. is. if you destroy the wire and your voenteh is equal 7, then 25 – ( 7 – 3 ) = 21 – how many points you will receive for each devastated development from each category
Now, table, where output – exactly how much development you ruin for a certain amount of the same development in a certain category:
Now in Russian: take for example the Chinese city of Nanjing, having 33 development – 15 taxes 15 production 3 recruits – and allow, you have 7 military technician;
1) 25 – (7 – 3) = 21
2) We look at the table “def before razing” – development to ruin – in “tax” in Nanjing it is equal to 15 – we see the column on the right – hence, You bust 5 development. 5 * 21 = 105 admin. The same 15 in “production”, The same 105 dips. AND 3 in “recruits” – for 3 early development, You bust 1 development unit – 1 * 21 = 21. Total for the ruin of Nanking you will receive 105 admin, 105 dipki i 21 military, and the general development of this proving will become (15 – 5) + (15 – 5) + (3 – 1) = 22. PROFIT (and with the last state reform “barbarian robbers” You will get on 33% more points! t. is. 139\139\28 glasses, in this case)
+ You get +1 cohesion for every 2 general development of the province until ruin. 33\2 = 16,5 but the game rounds down, and in the end, for the devastation of Nanking, you will receive, in addition to the points of the monarch, more 16 cohesion and the remainder of the production in the form of bucks, remaining in this check.

Let's summarize: thanks to the unique devastation of the captured provinces, horde gets:
BUT) Free monarch goggles out of thin air -> take tech faster and close ideas faster – seriously, you will ALWAYS overtake the AI-shku even on a very difficult level of technology difficulty, if you fight a lot,
B) By busting you reduce the overall development of trapped wires -> It will be cheaper and faster for you to nationalize them and you will receive less super-expansion – eg, any other country capturing provocation on 130 development will receive 130% overexpansion (there is no admin efficiency at the beginning of the game) – and the even kid on the horde are the same 130 development will capture, 40 of them will ruin and as a result will receive 90% overexpansion – PROFIT -> the horde can eat more at a time!

General conclusion – play aggressively, play through your horses, ruin all the wires that you see

Horde Ideas. Interesting countries.
I'll start this part with the main enemies of any horde. – and there are only three of them: aggressive expansion (agro), uprisings (rebels) and low income (no bucks) – but all of them can be defeated with the right selection of ideas and straight hands!

With regards to agra – following tips:

  • Take ideas (cm. below)
  • Don't forget about the tributaries – hordes can make themselves tributaries: if you are not going to fight with one or another neighbor in the near future – force him to tribute and in the future this country will receive on 90% less aggro from your conquests, +pay you bucks or supply you slaves every year
  • Don't forget the amazing mechanics of paradoxes – unknown land – You can eat those countries with impunity, which you do not see – eg, one of the strategies in Oirat to start eating India as soon as possible, because all these Indian boobies can't see you – They don't see you, hence, You cannot be hated, everything is simple:

With regards to rebel:

  • Take ideas (cm. below)
  • Theologian to help
  • +2 stubs and above to help
  • Increased autonomy to help (wire one x * d garbage after the ruin)

Low inflow bucks:

  • Take ideas (cm. below)
  • Make yourself tributaries
  • Micromanage during the war, so that your troops do not stand idle and plunder provinces – the more the horde has a bonus to plunder
  • Be sure to take money in the world

What ideas to take? Remember:
1. Horde ideas – I always take them in the first slot – yes, this is an innovation of the last patch of the game and these ideas are incredibly tasty! Everything is here: -33% to the cost of cavalry – this is very much and solves bucks problems almost immediately. Tengrianism gives an example already -20% to the cost of the regiments, add more -33% from the very first Horde idea – total -53% to the cost of cava. Base cava price 25 bucks and content 0.55 bucks for one regiment – under Tengrianism + the first Horde idea the price is 11,7 bucks, and the content 0.26 bucks for one regiment. YOUR KAWA AT ALMOST AS AN INFANTRY. Moreover, these ideas still have a discount on aggregate, to depletion, to religious unity, to reduce uprisings and whole +25% additional power to cavalry. It is imperative to pick this idea first.!
2. Next comes the discrepancy – you can take either a gumka, or a religion. I take a religion, for I love to play from one faith, but optional, of course, there will be an eraser – Also, little of, that the gumka itself reduces the uprising quite robust, so there is also a gorgeous policy of gumka + Horde ideas, what gives more -2 to the uprisings. Generally, if you take a second gumka and take a policy with a Horde idea – you can forget about rabbels forever
3. Further to choose, or deepka, or admin, beru snačala dipku radi +25% to improve relations, to -20% the price of provoking a peace treaty and reducing the impact of diplomatic actions on stability – t. is. you can safely chuckle if necessary
4. I take the admin – you know why
5. Further, already at your choice – you can take anything, but optionally there will be something military – offensive chic choice. I definitely do not advise quantitative, for the horde never has a meat problem.

Finally, a couple of comments about some states of the hordes:
1) Oiraty – the strongest horde in the game, yes ugh, The Strongest State In The Game To Paint. If you want to conquer the world – Oirats are the best choice. I am convinced, that no other country will conquer the world faster than the Oirats – little of, that they initially had a big boost in the form of a free occupation of half of Ming and in the future his fastest annihilation, so also a lot of delicious missions to cover the whole of China, to Korea, to Japan, to all steppes, to Russia, to Poland, of Iran, to Anatolia and the Middle East and at the end the cherry on the cake “Pax Mongolica” -3 to uprisings and -15% stub cost. And what are the delicious ideas?! Do you want an elegant world conquest? Go pee Oiratov
2) Jianzhou aka. Manchu – after the introduction of such an imba, like Oirats, Manchu's star went out like that – but nonetheless, today she is still the second most powerful horde in the game – ideas and missions are more modest here and in general, Zhora's pace is also more modest, than the Oirats, but the start is simpler and has its own specifics – namely the formation of Qing. At all, the only negative for all hordes – unsuitable for multiplayer. Hordes are purely about fierce paint and head off in a single – but here's Manchu, thanks to the Qing shaping and the presence of banners, perhaps, is the only playable horde variant in multiplayer.
3) Big Horde. Eating neighbors, killing Moscow, form the Golden Horde – PROFIT. The third most powerful and playable horde in my opinion. Feudalism is easily accepted (when you eat Ryazan), easily kill Crimea from the start, easily make an alliance with Osman aka. “Greatest”, easy to eat Kazan Nogai Uzbek, having saved up strength, army 4 infantry and 18 kava beat Moscow in the steppes and take her back to anal bondage eat it too.

Fuh. I hope my writing was useful for you..

From Kill

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