Warhammer Vermintide 2: Bardeen “Iron breaker”: no iron, breaking backs

A guide to swinging a hammer on the path to honor and valor in bull mode



1 (Stonebreaker)
Don't let stones break, breaking bones – get temporary health for stagger
2 (Under pressure)
Sienna can rest, it's your turn to watch the kebab
3 (Stormtrooper)
Sturmuem place – we get more temporary health due to the first talent
4 (Curse grumble)
Your polished armor should shine, so those around (even bosses) knocks back enemies, if you miss a jab, without taking damage to you
5 (Rolling mountain)
You will laugh at rats more often with this talent.
6 (Loud taunt)
Rats don't like, when they laugh at them. With this talent, they will hate you for longer.! Happy?

Weapon, characteristics and properties

Iron breaker – this is a tank. The task of the tank in this game is to reap the ultimate on patrols and when it's hard for the team, even on a simple horde. Over-aggregate a dangerous enemy, keep an eye on the rear, help allies survive. He will do it with a two-handed hammer and a flamethrower.

Two-handed hammer
Characteristics: +5% to attack speed, +5% to crit chance. Property: increase attack speed on 20 percent for critical attack.
Spam charged attacks on the horde, we kill individual and armored targets with spam of light attacks. It's the same story with bosses. We wave in all directions, we do not regret for anyone. It's pretty simple. I must notice, that the hammer is steamed with Azumgi increases the pleasure of the game.

Characteristics:+10% to strength against the skaven, +10% to strength against infantry. Property: critical hits increase attack power by 25% against one class of armor.
Don't forget about positioning!
Not many applications: do not fully recharge and burn the horde. You can shoot down the flight of the killer, you can stun the killer. With a long charge, it can stun the elite.


+20% to health
Block costs are less by 30%
Oak leather
Damage? What's this? There will be even less of it? Well, okay.
An alternative “oak leather” can serve “in rice”. With this property you will be able to generate temporary health more efficiently.. This is best seen in the horde.. Thanks for the tip OnisoaZ.

+10% to strength against chaos
+5% to attack speed
This set gives us more efficiency against dumi, lets you break more “bones per minute” and share the effects of potions with our one and only Azumgi (when using a potion, you must be near him)

+33% to resist the curse from the grimoire
+5% to crit chance
This set gives us a higher crit chance., which gives a high attack speed noticeably more often, which increases our broken bones per minute rate. More vitality when wearing a grimoire and bonus damage, when do you remember, that you have a bomb!

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