Quake: Config tips for beginners

Tips for basic Kwake remastered game setup… or not remastered, but re-release.



It seems that I have known Kwak for a long time.. But spent one and a half to two hours, setting up basic things. I remembered that, where and how, asked advice on discord…
Summing it all up, I will give these usefulness below (it seems, bent with two participles in a row).

Turn off splash screens at startup

We are greeted with the launch of the game. 6 video intros! Here are them and “turn off”.
Finding the game Kwake in the library. RMB on the game – properties – general and in the launch parameters window we write a miraculous line

+g_showintromovie 0

Or find the Movies folder and rename it to
C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamsteamappscommonQuakererelease

Bind weapons to convenient buttons

Opening the console. We print all sorts of differences…

bind KEY impulse X

KEY = convenience keys
X = the weapons themselves. Numbered from 1 to 8.
1 – ax
2 – shotgun
3 – double shotgun

8 – lightning fast (not to be confused with a flamethrower, he's not here)

for example,
bind and impulse 7 – stuck a rocket on the E key (Latin goes without saying).

Just in case

bind KEY impulse 10
bind KEY impulse 12

this is for changing weapons – next and previous respectively.

Made “crooked” bind (like me, for example, impulse – without space – figure) and want to delete it or copy the long-suffering config, where can I find it now on the open spaces of the computer?

The config file is here –

C:\Users(your name)\Saved GamesNightdive StudiosQuake

kexengine.cfg file

I myself would not have guessed this in my life. Thanks to user Gila on discord.

F12. Scryanshots

Open the console and write

unbindkey f12

thereby punching screenshots in Quake.
What for?
The thing is, what the game will save to f12 a screenshot (in heavy PNG format by default)
in your folder besides Steam, which also (default) makes a picture at f12. You don't want to just duplicate pictures and waste disk space.?

Custom maps.

Custom Maps.
We throw at the address

C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamsteamappscommonQuakerereleaseid1maps

.bsp and .lit files (if there, this file contains information about colored light sources).
Folders ‘maps’ default no, we create it ourselves.
Everything is as usual, just added a directory “rerelease”.

To start the map, write in the console
map (card name).

Some more console commands

More commands for the console.
Just enter ‘help’ in the console and see what is there.

con_fontsize – you can increase the font in the console, the default is 14.

gamma – does not work no matter how I tried. I brightened the picture with brightness – brightness in options or command

r_brightness – 0 default.

Value 11 will look like r_brightness 1.1.

fow changes in options and in the console

r_fov – default 95, I'm used to 90.

scr_screenscale – resizes the panel and scope.

for example, i am using full hud and its default size is huge!
scr_screenscale 1.5 or 2 – to reduce it

To make liquids more transparent, use the commands

r_wateralpha – for water
r_lavaalpha – for lava
r_slimealpha – for green liquid
r_telealpha – for teleport

by default have a value 1 – opaque. 0 – completely transparent. We expose as we want.

Despite, that the values ​​of these commands are saved in the config, I have to re-enter some of them every time I start the game (well, or not to enter). Because lava and slime are opaque…

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