Love Stories Sex and the Furry Titty: Best consumable

In this guide, I will cover, why you shouldn't buy anything, Besides “Free running”


Economic factor

The game has 4 consumable: 5 moves (15.000$), free run (1.000$), bomb (10.000$) and the needle (5.000$).

Taking into account that, that a player collects 3-4k dollars per screen on average, these consumables hit the budget pretty hard. If you also want to get the achievement for 100k, then buying these consumables can be an extremely bad idea. but, free wheeling can easily pay off behind the screen! And even a few “free moves” will not be a problem for your finances.


This is the second and most important reason. Let's take a look, what do you get from other consumables:

Needle for 5.000$, which bursts one object. But why do you need to burst an object? Because it interferes with the movement of the object from above. However, only for 1.000$ you can take a free run and do the same!

Bomb for 10.000$, which destroys 8 objects around you. Now just imagine, how many items can be destroyed for all the same 10 free moves!

5 moves for… 15.000$!!! Why would you even take 5 moves, when can I take 15 for the same amount?! So that 5 moves is the most useless and expensive consumable in the game. However, even if 5 moves would be worth 5.000$, they would still not be compared with the efficiency of free moves. Why then? This is covered in the next section..

Imbo freewheel ability!

And here she is, main freewheel chip! Let's go from afar, what do you need to make a move? You need to move the item to the row. What happens if there is no row near the object? Item won't move. But, if you use a free wheel, you don't care how to move the item! Freewheel ignores surrounding factors and just does its job. This is why freewheel works better. 5 moves, which still obey the logic of the game. For good, freewheel should be the most expensive ability, for it makes other abilities completely useless.

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