Forza Horizon 4: The best cars for EVERYTHING

In this guide, the best cars for every possible need.


B700 (rally)
Even in this, rather weak class, have their own “meth” cars.

Plimouth HEMI Cuda Barett-Jackson Edition
This muscle car is free for owners of the full version of the game and the required DLS..

Honda Civic RS 1974
Also free for owners of the full version and the desired DLS.

From free I can recommend Subaru Legacy RS
In a car dealership it costs 25k credits..

A800 (asphalt)
Personally, I find this class very often in rating adventures., therefore, a large number of cars are enough for him.

Ford GT40 MK1
Found for FREE in an abandoned barn, or found at auction for about 1 million credits.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 1965
Is the best alternative to Ford, and even a little better, because. the maximum speed is a little more, however worth 2 and a half million credits at a car dealership and about 1 million at auction.

Chevrolet Nova SS 1969 FE
Dropped out of bonus games, they are “wheelspins”,and is also sold at auction for 200k credits.
Has a very good maximum speed, but only until the first turn.

I would like to mention that in this class there is a place to roam and, if desired, you can drive almost any car, like me on Maserati Ghibli.

A800 (rally and rally raid)
Plimouth Atomic Punk
Free for owners of DLS and full version, and also has good overclocking.
I also heard that Ford Hula Girl and the same DLS is also a meta in this class.

Ford F-150 Raptor 2017
The car dealership costs 63k credits.
Is an excellent alternative to the Mercedes X-Class for beginners.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class
One of the BEST Rally Raid Cars (aka autocross) in the A800 class. However, it is quite expensive, 5 million at auction or 1 backstage ticket.

Although in general (with rally) things are about the same as with asphalt, take almost any car you like.

S1 (asphalt)
Lambo Huracan
Is given FREE OF CHARGE for only 4 road racing level.

Dodge Viper SRT10 2008
Direct competitor to Huracan, has VERY good handling,however slower than Huracan. Costs 90k credits in a car dealership.

Nissan Skyline R33
Not a bad maximum speed, but not the best handling. Costs 37k credits in a car dealership.

Again, the same as with the A800, take what you want, but the main thing is tuning.

S1 (rally and rally raid)
Ford Mustang GT DD
Free for owners of DLS and full version. Best in S1 Rally(IMHO).

Toyota Baja Truck Welcome Pack
Free again, etc.. Best in Autocross S1.

S2 (asphalt)
S2 class only has asphalt races.

Lambo Diablo GT’R
Best car for S2 winter racing. Worth at auction (I don't really know, it was not on auction at the time of writing).

Apollo Intense Imotion
At the time of this writing, it is distributed in the Seasonal Trial.. Auction price 6 with half a million credits.

Also, as far as I know, the BAC Mono is well controlled in the S2 class., but on the straight line you will be easily bypassed. Cost in a car dealership 160k credits.

A800 (drift)
Rear drive:
Honda S2000 CR
Cost in a car dealership 25k credits.

Four-wheel drive:
Mazda Mazdaspeed MX5
Cost at auction 25k credits.

Dodge Viper GTS 1999
Cost at auction 75k credits.

S1 (drift)
Rear drive:
HOONIGAN Mazda RX-7 Savanna Twerkstallion
Cost in a car dealership 50k credits.

Also drifts well in this class Toyota Supra RZ
Cost in a car dealership 250k credits, or you can get it for free for 2 the rank of Bouncer.

Four-wheel drive:
Nissan 370Z
Cost in a car dealership 40k credits.

S2 (drift)
Rear drive:
Lexus RC F
Auction price 6 with half a million credits, and also at the time of writing the manual, it is being handed out in the Seasonal Championship.

Nissan silvia s15
Cost in a car dealership 35k credits.

It also includes two very similar cars.: Ford Mustang RTR #25 и Ford Mustang RTR #88, but they are quite rare and at auction #25 is worth 10 million a #88 is worth 8 million loans.
Four-wheel drive:

Dodge Viper SRT10 Formula Drift
Free for everyone. Also very good for drift zones..

HOONIGAN Ford Mustang 1967 “HOONICORN”, as well as HOONICORN V2.
Identical machines, except that the engine is slightly different. HOONICORN V1 costs 500k credits in dealership and V2 at auction 1 million credits.

Nissan 240SX SE
Very good classic drift car. Cost in a car dealership 25k credits.

Drag and Radar
Ford Mustang RTR SPEC5
Average maximum speed 435-438 km / h. Auction price 16 million loans or 1 backstage ticket.

Honda NSX-R
Average maximum speed 434 km / h. Free for owners of DLS and the full version of the game.

Ferrari 599XX EVO
Average maximum speed 480-490 km / h. Also has very good handling even at high speeds.. Auction price 8-9 million loans.

Medium speed zones
Ford GT 2017 Welcome Pack
Free for owners of DLS and the full version of the game. Not a bad car for passing zones of average speed for a while while you do not have another car.

Ferrari 599XX EVO
And here she is also the best in the game. All information in the section “Drag and Radar”.

Drift zones
Dodge Viper SRT10 Formula Drift
All information in the section “S2 drift”

Shelby Monaco King Cobra
Free for owners of DLS and the full version of the game.

Everything is complicated here, for half of the jumps, supercars are needed; for the other half, there is enough and Toyota Baja Truck and all the information on it is in “S1 rally and rally raid”

Farm autotalent points
Renault 5 Turbo FE 1980
Just pumping all the talents, we go to the beach and drift knocking down all the fences on our way. Cost at auction 200k credits.


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