American Truck Simulator: How fast “close” loads of achievements (Colorado DLC)

Good day! By completing Colorado DLC achievements, I noticed a certain pattern in terms of cargo and their spawn(appearances). Therefore, I decided to write a guide for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on them.. Honestly, amount of cargo transported, namely 10 pieces, simply evaporates all the joy and potential pleasure of completing an achievement. It would be enough to bring the cargo to and from the enterprise. Thus, we do not get bored with the process., and introduces us to an important industry or commerce of a given state. Well these are my personal considerations about this, but you didn’t come here for this. So let's get started.

Deliver to heaven

As written, must be done 10 transportation to Denver Airport(Denver Air Cargo).By the way, it is along this route that we will all move. 10 time.
To successfully and quickly complete this achievement, we need our own truck and our own refrigerator.( maybe Isothermal and Awning will also do, did not check).
We need such short routes.(as shown in the screenshot below).

I immediately had these loads, but you may not have them. No problem. Sleeping in the parking lot, and already after 2 rest times they usually appear. Thus, we are the first to take cargo from Wallbert or SellGoods to the Airport, and upon arrival there we take the cargo to 1000 yards from the next office with the plane. We kill two birds with one stone. Then we evacuate to the service station through F7, and see if there are still such loads. If not, then we sleep right in the parking lot of the service station and wait for their appearance. Ideally it turns out 5 walker on 2 cargo. This achievement took me about 1 over an hour.

Energy from the air

We deliver by tower and gondola to these two enterprises.

The company in the second screenshot refers to the city of Pueblo. To complete this achievement, we need a trawl trailer.( with any number of axes). Here, Unfortunately, you just have to wait and hope for luck. Here, the goods do not appear as quickly as in the previous case.. I came across two loads at SellGoods in Denver.
And I took one at the wind turbine plant just below Pueblo (never been there before).

And the last 4th cargo had to be hauled from New Mexico, and I had to wait for his appearance in game hours 30-40. Since in 1.41 movements occur instantly, except for moving to the service station, then I had to contrive, to waste time, without resorting to the console. I bought a garage in Salmon town(Idaho), and the nearest service station was in Twin-Falls, and moving there took 10 hours. The main thing is to find a city that has a garage, but no one hundred, and then you can curb( from english abuse-abuse) this system.
P.s This is the only achievement, in terms of cargo, which I enjoyed doing in Colorado. Because there is no problem with 10 loads I spoke about at the very beginning.

Need more gold

Well, here we come to the most boring and longest achievement in the Colorado DLC..

No standard trailer will help us here., unless you can put a mod from the Steam Workshop Dump trailer in ownership. The cargo must be taken from the company, which is below, after entering. Here's how to determine it when picking up cargo.

In the first screenshot, the green flag is slightly above my location on the map. But already in the second photo he is below, and be exactly at my location. Shorter, which of the green flags is lower on the map, we take that.
But you won't have any problems with cargo. In External Orders there is always some cargo to Denver to Rail Export.

Delivering the cargo and teleporting to Colorado Springs via fast travel.
Also, I want to note, what if you come across a load from a quarry in Pueblo, then when you take it immediately teleport one hundred. So you go to Pueblo for a hundred, and you just have to go 20 miles. But be careful. With EXTERNAL ORDERS, this does not work. You will of course be moved there, but already without load, and you have to start all over again.
But by the way, I came across loads in Pueblo only in Agency Orders, in Vneshka it was not. Probably after 3 trips for the cargo, you will understand this without me, but still, if you come across a short route in agency orders, then you better take it. Save 5 minutes of his driving time to the quarry for loading(perhaps this is the most annoying part).

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