Darkwood: Weapon guide

Manual, which includes the entire list of weapons available in the game and their characteristics.


Greetings to all poor fellows, unwillingly trapped in a Polish forest, full of surprises. As you might have guessed, you are not on a tourist walk, but into living hell and getting out of it just won't work. To extend your life even for a while, You need to be well armed, with what – I'll tell you now.

Melee weapon
Table leg.
Steel arms, occurring in the prologue, in a dream in a tunnel under a radio tower, and also during the quest at the Sawmill.
Damage – 21. Endurance – 25%.
Selling price: 30.
Not craftable.

Steel arms, which can be found in the corpse of a resident with a pitchfork. I do not advise you to arm yourself with a pitchfork, as they have relatively little damage and consume too much stamina.
Damage – 16. Endurance – 75%, with modification – 50%.
Selling price: 150.
Not craftable, but being repaired at the workbench.

Board with nails.
My favorite of the initial melee weapons, with which it is quite possible to complete the game.
Damage – 13, with modification – 17. Endurance – 25%, with modification – 20%.
Selling price: 30.
Crafted from 10 nails and 2 boards. Repaired with 5 nails and 1 boards.

The second most powerful melee weapon, often found in the vastness of the forest. Not a bad choice, especially with the damage modification.
Damage – 28, with modification – 37. Endurance – 25%, with modification – 20%.
Selling price: 150.
Crafted from a shovel bayonet, sticks and duct tape. Repaired with 2 boards and 2 units. scrap metal.

Trash weapon, used in most cases for crafting. Found in savages.
Damage – 11. Endurance – 25%.
Selling price: 15.
Not craftable.

Slashing weapon, which can be crafted, or found on the territory of the swamp in the corpses. It is a good choice due to its fast attack speed and damage.
Damage – 21+21. Endurance – 25%+25%.
Selling price: 100.
Crafted from 10 nails and 8 units. scrap metal. Repaired with 2 boards and 2 units. scrap metal.

The most powerful melee weapon in the game. It can be crafted at the workbench. (in the 2nd chapter) or found in the location of the Doctor's house in a closed room, which opens with a rusty key. Best choice late in the game.
Damage – 32, with modification – 52. Endurance – 25%, with modification – 20%.
Selling price: 200.
Crafted from an ax blade, sticks and 5 units. electrical tape. Repaired with 2 boards and 2 units. scrap metal.

Standard weapon, which can be crafted without a workbench. It differs from a board with nails only in that, which gradually fades. Not a bad option for lack of others.
Damage – 14. Endurance – 25%.
Not for sale.
Craftable from a match and board, either from a rag and moonshine / 0.3l gasoline.

Single Shotgun.
Powerful firearms, shots and requires reloading after each shot. Has high damage, average aiming speed and good accuracy of fire. Of the shortcomings – single charge and firing range.
Selling price: 200.
Craftable on a level 5 workbench using duct tape, weapon parts and long barrel.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Double-barreled sawn-off.
Powerful firearms, charged with shot. It has 2 shot in ammunition. Has high damage, large lesion area, but long recharge.
Selling price: 350.
Crafted at a level 7 workbench from weapon parts, 2 units. electrical tape and 2 long barrels.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Homemade Shotgun.
Double-shot firearms, guaranteed killing all living things from the first shot. Has huge damage, easy accessibility, good accuracy, but can only fire two shots.
Selling price: 50.
Crafted at a level 4 workbench from 4 units. scrap metal and 2 long barrels.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Pump action shotgun.
Powerful firearms, having an eight-round magazine and is loaded with shot to full ammunition. Best shotgun on offer. Of the shortcomings – long recharge, only effective at close range, going very late in the game.
Selling price: 400.
Crafted at a level 8 workbench from 3 units. weapon parts, long barrel, electrical tape and tubular magazine.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Disposable gun.
firearms, slightly higher power, than a regular pistol. Shoots only once. Nice pistol against starting mobs, easy to find in various places, but I do not recommend crafting, as it turns out extremely unprofitable.
Selling price: 50.
Crafted at a level 3 workbench from 2 units. scrap metal and metal tube.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Firearms, loaded with small caliber magazines, each of which contains 8 cartridges. Must have a thing. Easy to assemble, has a high rate of fire, but recoil and damage leaves a lot to be desired.
Selling price: 150.
Craftable on a level 4 workbench from the body of a pistol, weapon parts and electrical tape.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Air gun.
The weakest small arms in the game. Recharges after every shot. Due to the rarity of ammunition and weak characteristics, practically not used. Charged with bullets.
Selling price: 90.
Not craftable.

Submachine gun.
Firearms, low damage. Charged with small caliber magazines. It is fully automatic and can fire more shots with one magazine., than a gun. Acquiring this weapon early in the game can provide the easiest playthrough.
Selling price: 600.
Not craftable. Can only be found in Werewolf chests in the Wilderness.
A clear example of the work of PP:

Bolt action shotgun. Very accurate and powerful firearms, loaded with medium caliber cartridges. Has one shot in ammo. Kills most enemies with one hit, rarely leaving a small amount of health. It is rare to find a position and moment for a sniper shot., so it's better to arm yourself with something else.
Selling price: 400.
Crafted at a level 7 workbench from weapon parts, long barrel and electrical tape. Can be obtained in the first chapter after completing the werewolf's request in his hideout.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Assault rifle.
Powerful firearms, charged with a medium-caliber magazine. Perhaps the most formidable and coveted weapon in the game. Shoots bursts of 3 shots.
Selling price: 400.
Not craftable.
Can be found in the Werewolf Camp, in one of the boxes; when killing a Werewolf; at the helicopter crash site; in the hideout at the end of the game.
One Shot Damage to Pig.

Three-Shot Burst Damage at Pig.

Throwing weapons
Throwing weapons, mostly used for crafting. The bottle breaks into glass shards, which can be used as a trap.
Selling price: 10.
Not craftable.

Gas bottle.
Throwing weapons, after which, a large cloud of toxic and flammable gas forms at the point where the bottle falls. The perfect weapon for protecting barricades in combination with Molotov cocktails.
Selling price: 40.
Craftable on a level 2 workbench from a bottle and a rotten mushroom.

Molotov cocktail.
Throwing weapons, after which, where the bottle falls, a fire is formed in a wide radius. Has high damage and long burning time. Can be used to burn poisonous moss. A must-have item in the arsenal of every self-respecting forest dweller.
Selling price: 25.
Craftable on a level 3 workbench from moonshine, matches and rags, either bottles, 0.5l of gasoline, matches and rags.

Unique throwing weapon, reusable. On hitting the target, it is damaged, and it can be taken from the victim's inventory after killing her. Deals the same damage, like a disposable gun. Can be used as a melee weapon.
Selling price: 100.
Not craftable.
Found in corpses; cornfield; pantry of the first refuge; rocks; corpse of the fourth refuge; broken tank.

A rock.
Throwing weapons, which can be used as a defense against enemies at the beginning of the game. It can be used to grab attention.. Low damage and short throw. Is a good way to hunt rabbits, if you don't feel like setting traps, or spend precious ammo on them.
Not craftable.
Dropped by a savage with a stone.

Exploding barrel.
Trap, requiring the player's help to activate it, works on the basis of an explosive substance. Explodes on contact with a lit track of gasoline, molotov cocktail, or a shot from a firearm. Is a good way to protect your hideout.
Selling price: 50.
Craftable on a level 6 workbench from scrap metal and 0.5L of gasoline.

Gas bottle.
Virtually unguided jet ammunition. If you place it on the ground and hit with a melee weapon, he will fly some distance, and when colliding with an obstacle, eg, will explode with a wall or barrel. Very effective against groups of opponents, since it does not need installation.
Selling price: 50.
Crafted from scrap metal and rotten mushroom.

Disposable hunting trap, stopping victim. When activated, deals damage and immobilizes the target for 10 seconds, taking away the ability to attack or defend. be careful, because you yourself can fall into your own trap.
Selling price: 20.
Crafted from 3 units. scrap metal.

Chain trap.
A trap with a telling name, intended only to restrict freedom of movement. It does no damage. As for me, so it's better to stock up on ordinary traps. Although the chain keeps the victim for a longer time, but does not damage, so sooner or later, You will have to fight the ill-wishers.
Selling price: 20.
Crafted from 2 units. scrap metal.

Shards of glass.
trap, consisting of sharp shards of glass from a bottle. Although it is disposable, it can be raised, and when activated, it deals damage and adds a bleeding debuff. Has a larger lesion area than a trap. Kills dogs instantly.
Selling price: 5.
Not craftable.
Dropped after breaking a bottle.

Trash item, not cookable. It can be thrown, but it will not do any special damage. Serves to lure predators.
Selling price: 5.
Not craftable.
Drops out of dogs, pigs and birds.

Medium caliber cartridge.
Ammunition type, used for bolt action shotgun.
Purchase cost: 40. Selling price: 20.
Not craftable.
Can be found by yourself or purchased from various merchants.

Ammunition type, used for shotguns.
Purchase cost: 40. Selling price: 20.
Not craftable.
Found in random caches, or buy from merchants.

Cartridge for air pistol.
Purchase cost: 10.
Not craftable.
Can be found or purchased from the Werewolf.

Medium caliber magazine.
Ammunition type, used for assault rifle. After reloading, the weapon disappears from the inventory and does not fill up in any way.
Selling price: 100.
Not craftable.
Occasionally found in crates.

Small caliber magazine.
Ammunition type, used in pistols and submachine guns.
Purchase cost: 100. Selling price: 50.
Not craftable.
Can be found, or buy from merchants.

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