All armor in the terraria and its craft (Added by 25.08.21)

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Miner's clothes
Miner's clothing - consists of a miner's helmet, miner's shirts and miner's boots. This is the weakest armor in the game., which can be used as clothing style. The complete set gives 3 protection and 30% bonus to digging speed. Miner's Helmet can be purchased from a merchant for 4 gold or it drops from a dead miner with a chance 5%. Miner's Pants and Miner's Shirt also drop from a dead miner with a chance 2.4%.

Miner's helmet:
A type:
Armor Material
Protection: 1
Body slot: Head
prompt: Illuminates the area around the character

Purchase: 4/8 gold
Sale 80 ser / 1fortune 60 ser
Study: 1 unit

Miner's shirt:
Protection: 1
Body slot: Torso
Sale: 10 ser
Study: 1 unit

Miner's Pants:
Protection: 1
Body slot: Legs
Sale: 10 ser
Study 1 units

Wood armor
Wood Armor is an armor set, consisting of: wooden helmet, wooden bib and wooden shoes.

This is the least sturdy kit in the game., making it useful only in the early stages of the game. It's easy to create, since only wood is required to create it, and in connection with that, what player, often, appears in the forest, this makes it possible to create this set of armor almost immediately after spawning.

Wearing a full set of armor grants two defenses (3 c Mobile only and Console only) and one additional set bonus, which ultimately gives three protections (4 c Mobile only and Console only).

Wooden helmet:
Protection 1
Body slot: Head
Study 1 unit

Wooden bib:
Protection 1
Body Slot Torso
Study 1

Wooden shoes:
Protection 0
Leg body slot
Study 1

Wooden bib – 30 Wood – Bench
Wooden shoes – 25 Wood – Bench
Wooden helmet – 20 Wood – Bench

Rain suit
Rain suit –
Dropped by Raincoat Zombie

Popsicle clothes
– Rarely dropped with zombie popsicle

Fisherman's clothes
– Fisherman Quest Reward

Cactus armor
– Cactus armor is one of the weakest and most readily available armor types in the game.. To create a kit, you need 75 cactus blocks.

Cactus helmet:
Protection 1
Body Slot Head
Sale 40 copper
Study 1 units
Cactus bib:
Protection 1
Torso body slot
Sale 60 copper
Study 1 units
Cactus boots:
Protection 1
Leg body slot
Sale 50 copper
Study 1 units

Cactus bib – Cactus 30 – Bench
Cactus helmet – Cactus 20 – Bench
Cactus boots – Cactus 25 – Bench

Copper armor
– To create a complete set of armor, you need: 60 Copper Ingot.

Copper Helmet – Copper Ingot 15 – Наковальня железная или свинцовая
Copper bib – Copper Ingot 25 –
Copper Leggings – Copper Ingot 20 –

Tin armor
– Tin armor (Tin Armor) - initial type of armor. Gives some protection, therefore only suitable for the initial stages of the game.

Tin helmet – Оловянный слиток 15 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Pewter chestpiece – Оловянный слиток 25 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Tin Leggings – Оловянный слиток 20 – – Iron / Tin Anvil

Pumpkin armor
– Pumpkin armor (Pumpkin Armor) - armor set, added in version 1.2.1. The kit gives 7 units. protection.

When putting on a full set, the player receives a bonus: +10% melee damage. The very first armor, giving a bonus to Warriors.

It's easy to create it on Halloween., but to do it at any other time of the year, need to buy pumpkin seeds from a dryad.

Pumpkin helmet – Pumpkin 20 – Bench
Pumpkin bib – Pumpkin 30 – – Bench
Pumpkin Leggings – Pumpkin 25 – Bench

Gladiator armor
– Gladiator armor (Gladiator armor) - armor set, added in update 1.3. Comprises:

Gladiator helmet (Gladiator Helmet);
Gladiator bib (Gladiator Breastplate);
Gladiator's Leggings (Gladiator Leggings).
Grants Knock Immunity when fully set.
Dropped by hoplite, with a rather low chance of 1.67% for pike.

Due to its rarity, rather low protection and that, that the complete set does not give any positive bonuses, it should be considered more of a social clothing, rather than a full set of armor. FROM 1.4.1 she became the best armor at the beginning of the passage, after platinum armor,because her defense was increased in 2 times.

Gladiator's helmet – Дроп с гоплит шанс 1.67%
Gladiator bib – Дроп с гоплит шанс 1.67%
Gladiator's Leggings – Дроп с гоплит 1.67%

Iron armor
– Iron armor (Iron Armor) - simple armor, which gives a little protection for the early stages of the game.
An ancient iron helmet can be used instead of an iron helmet, looks like a helmet from older versions. Alternative to lead armor.

Iron helmet – iron ingot 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Iron breastplate – iron ingot 30 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Iron Leggings – iron ingot 25 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

Ninja armor
– Ninja armor (Ninja Outfit) - armor set, added in version 1.0.4 Any of these three pieces of armor will drop on killing a king slug with a chance 1:3 (~33,3%).
The character, wearing a full set of ninja gear, leaves behind a blurry traces of his figure - in the best traditions of cinematographic works about medieval Japan. Almost like a demonic set, only without black streaks. When coloring, only the shade of the suit changes.

Lead armor
– Lead armor (Lead armor) - simple armor, which gives a little protection for the early stages of the game. Alternative to iron armor. And while, even more powerful.

Lead Helmet – Свинцовый слиток 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Lead bib – Свинцовый слиток 30 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Lead Leggings – Свинцовый слиток 25 – Железная/Синцовая наковальня

Silver armor
– Silver armor (Silver Armor) - first armor, providing decent protection. Can be used to kill early bosses.

Silver Helmet – Silver ingot 15 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Silver Chestpiece – Silver ingot 25 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Silver Leggings – Silver ingot 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

Tungsten armor
– Tungsten armor (Tungsten Armor) - first armor, providing decent protection. Can be used to kill early bosses.

Tungsten Helmet – Вольфрамовый слиток 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Tungsten bib – Вольфрамовый слиток 30 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Tungsten Leggings – Вольфрамовый слиток 25 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

Platinum armor
– Platinum armor (Platinum Armor) - armor, giving good protection in the early game. Recommended for killing the first bosses. Alternative to gold armor.

Platinum Helmet – Платиновый слиток 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Platinum bib – Платиновый слиток 30 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Platinum Leggings – Платиновый слиток 25 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

Meteor armor
– Meteor armor (Meteor Armor) - high-end, pre-hard-fashioned armor, which gives medium protection and improves magic damage.

Because of the bonus, full set, this armor gives the best results when used with a space pistol by a character with a small amount of mana. In other cases, it is more profitable to use jungle armor.

When moving with a full set on, the character leaves a trail of flames, similar to the graphical effect of hellish armor.

Meteorite Helmet – Метеоритный слиток 10 – Свинцовая/Железная наковальня
Meteorite bib – Метеоритный слиток 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Meteor Leggings – Метеоритный слиток 15 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

Bee armor
– Bee armor (Bee Armor) - It gives a little protection and increases the number and damage of minions, therefore completely useless for players, not using weapons to summon. To get ingredients, required to create a complete set of armor, it is required to kill the queen bee twice.

Bee helmet – Воск 8 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Bee bib – Воск 12 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Bee Leggings – Воск 10 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

Fossil armor
Fossil armor (Fossil Armor) - preppy-fashioned armor set, added in update 1.3. Armor used for the shooter. Crafted from Hardened Fossil. It can be obtained from the Recycler.

Fossil Helmet – Затвердевшая окаменелость 15 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Fossil Chestpiece – Затвердевшая окаменелость 25 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня
Fossil Leggings – Затвердевшая окаменелость 20 – Железная/Свинцовая наковальня

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