War Thunder: Earning Silver Lions

Ways to get out of debt in the MMO RPG WarThunder


Method one

You can get a bet for the entrances to the game. For making a bet, you can get from 10 000 to 500 000.

To qualify for bet conditions, at least one car in the player's setup must be rank III

I'll tell you about the bet

The first and the simplest is the bet “Best squad”. To complete it, you need a couple of friends who will play not far from you..

There are few people in the random house who make the best squad, that's why everything is often enough 6 awards “Fire support” “Teamwork”. 10 games and 500 000 your silver.

Second and more difficult “Destruction of equipment”. There are two options for this bet, 5 and 10 units of equipment, in RB and SB х2 – i.e 3 and 5 kills for these regimes.

You can take everything 1 rank III tank and pass this bet on low battle ratings. Stuff 3 killing is not difficult.

And the third, very much dependent on randomness “Victories in battles”

The reward is less than other bets on 10 steps, but the bet is very random, sometimes a team can win you a game without you.

The rest of the bets are quite difficult to fulfill.

Method two

The mechanics of earning silver is based on the percentage of the reward of the used equipment and the cost of its repair.. If you don’t donate to the game, you should pay attention to the vehicle cards, some cars are very expensive to repair, therefore they can take you into a minus.

An example of two almost identical tanks

One has a repair price 2500, but also the reward is less, the other has a repair price 8500, but the reward is greater. That is, if you play well on the Tiger(N) you get more, than you would get on the Tiger(Р) although you will pay for repairs 8500, but not 2500.

Also, when buying new equipment, the first 10 repairs will be free.

The bottom line is choosing a technique with a good reward., and low cost of repair.

Method three

This method requires an investment, but as for me it is the most effective.
You need premium technology. Reward for playing this vehicle, often two to three times higher than the standard, which allows you to earn currency without going into the red.

Also having premium equipment, it is worth to run the Silver Lions Amplifier on it.
Activating the booster adds its value to the original vehicle profitability modifier, which is displayed in her card.


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