Swallow the Sea: 100% passing / achivki

Getting achievements
Simple achievements

Swallowed up by the sea

– the simplest achievement, you just have to die in the game, think, you can handle it 😉


– You need to eat all the germs of your kind. You will find the latter in the tunnel of the lower left corner behind the broken wall in the last area..


– Awarded at the end of the game for eating Orro (big purple worm). You need to absorb it in its last form, before, how to eat purple germ.


– Finish the game. To do this, need to eat purple bud for offal Orro (they need to be broken with a jerk)

Tender kiss

– Kiss Orro. When you just break the wall behind which the Orro worm sits, he will make a french kiss, immediately after that, you need to jerk to fly up to his lips, as if kissing.

Medium-hard achievements

Teach a man to fish

– Eat all the red worms in the game, all of them 11. There will be a red worm in the second area, which you cannot eat because of your height, so take him to the next area. Total in 3 the area will 6 red worms, including from the previous location, and in the last area there will be more 5. And with all this, you can't die.

All my organs

– Complete the game without dying.

Complex achievements

Excellent meat

– Very difficult achievement. Can't take damage until the end of the game.

Flash before your eyes

– Speedrun achievement, you need to complete the game in 4 minutes.

Swallow the sea

– Proof that, that you are really cool at games. Awarded for completing all achievements in this game.

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