Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Game basics for beginners

I noticed that Pathfinder, and the new part Pathfinder WOTR very unfriendly to newbies and can alienate a new user from the game. I tried to collect all the main aspects and useful chips, so that the player who launches this game for the first time, could understand what was happening, navigate, and develop.


Character characteristics | Leveling up by class | Protection

Strength, grants a bonus to attack and affects melee damage. It also affects the weight of the clothes., the total weight of the inventory your squad can carry.


Agility. The reaction depends on it, which gives various effects such as dodging an attack


Everything is simple with her, the more stamina – the more hp your character will have.


Intelligence determines how many points are allocated to your level


Wisdom will give a bonus to a very important saving throw that protects you from spells.


FROM charisma there are few interesting jokes, pump it last, leaving for more desired characteristics, and about no more 6 points at the beginning of the game.


It is characteristic of magic to pump intellect, wisdom, charisma. They are needed for spells, for example to make a spell third circle, I can need to 13 intelligence ,. To sorcerers in the same sense, you need to pump charisma, a u Priests – wisdom.

All magic is divided into two classes:
Mystical | Sacred
Their main difference, that when you create spells, then the sacred can be easily created in armor, unlike mystical – there is a chance of spell failure. Advice:
It is better to run naked as a mystic caster, or take specific fit.


Protection there are several types:

  • General protection
  • Defense by surprise
  • Protection against touching

The first general protection responsible for normal strikes. Axes, swords, daggers and stuff like that.

The second by surprise used when your character is attacked “suddenly” and deprived of bonuses from evasion and agility.

Third defense against touches works against magic, against which regular armor will be useless.

Thanks to everyone who read to the end and I am very glad if at least one person could figure it out a little at their start. This is the first experience in writing articles, I will try to supplement the guide, if I see that the feedback on the mechanics of the game from more experienced users of the pathfinder and writers of manuals will be small.

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