Webbed: Obtaining all achievements

In this guide, I will show you how to get all the achievements..



2 the easiest achievements that can be obtained simply by playing. You just need to start weaving the web(everything is written in the description of the achievement).

Collect them all!

These achievements can be completed by collecting all the spiders., pollen and larvae!(they are scattered all over the map, places where you have not yet collected all will be displayed on the map with unpainted dots) (AND! It's not enough just to collect them, still need to take them to mom(spiders)(is in the center at the bottom right), nanny(larvae)(at the bottom) and the queen of the bees (pollen)(case))

I will explain the lower ones in other sections


I ran these two at the same time

I don’t know exactly about this achievement., I just helped build a bridge and get over on the way and got a sticker!


The first achievement you need to complete is “A pattern of virtue” and only then complete the achievement “What kind of monster are you!”, because if you do the opposite(like me) then “A pattern of virtue” you will not be able to get, only a new game can fix this problem.

1 attainment(you DO NOT eat flies until you reunite with your beloved(ie. until the end of the game)

2 attainment(need to talk to the big fly + fly face mask sticker)

I don't know if I need to talk about the golden web, because there is already a manual for it, but I think it's still worth it.

1 a place.
At the very top right corner
2 a place
At the very top left corner
3 a place
Go over the top to the left
4 a place
At the very top left
After 4 spider webs you will get the golden spider stickerWidow
This is the right side where the secret passage is.(about where my web is a destructible ceiling) Talk to the widow and get the widow skin sticker

Now heading to the left!

Since in one place there is 2 skin, then I use one card(one in the water and the other(robot) at the top)


Cyborg Assassin
We need to get to the top, here you can use parkour, just right click on the branch and go down, and then sharply up (LKM), when you are at a good speed, release the buttons. Oh miracle, you fly up! (do not forget to hold down the spacebar so as not to cling to the web or branch)
There will be a task to get the robot out of the collapse. HM… Get the robot out of the collapse, talk to the ant and get a robot skin sticker.

So… Next comes the spider, whose name I do not know. I'll call him Gregory(what?)
In short, you need to go down under the water and find a destructible wall (stones stand out), there you have to pass a small test and talk to a spider 5 time(or catch all the flies(I advise you NOT TO DO this if you have not received the achievement “A pattern of virtue”)) the spider on the right branch should be, but I have it in the water.


You see the last one (9/10) insect… not? And he is here!Dance with:
A bee
Spider guy
Golden spider
Big fly
Wolf spider


(In that location, the Widow can also be found). you need to take the skateboard from the bird and collect all the letters in the allotted time.


Get a Nurse Hat Sticker in return.
Get a crown sticker instead.
In return, get a spider mom skin.
Get a fly head mask sticker in return.
Collect all letters in the allotted time. Get a skate sticker in return!

Get a poop hat.

Get a sticker with a robo-spider skin + blue spider web.

Get a Golden Spider Skin Sticker in return + golden web.

(Not exactly) It seems from this achievement you get a sticker with your lover's skin.

Put on a helmet of ants (refers to the sticker). Like a helmet(and a sticker with her) you can get it after building the fur.

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