Black Mesa: An easy way to get the achievement “Doctor’s Signature”

Here you will find out, how to give a splinter in the ass with a crowbar, and still get an achievement;)


Phase one.
To start, our Headcrabomatka needs to be brought to “Second phase” How exactly? You decide:

  • You can go to the arena and show “Who is the boss of this rocking chair” from crowbar in the hands.
  • Or turn on ingenuity, to take RPG and show her the real one ♂️Dungeon Master♂️
  • How to get there?
Second phase.
  • Here comes “Second phase” Are not afraid, falling with her!
  • The main thing is not to forget to constantly move., and will remain. Then we do 6 (sometimes 5 enough) volleys from RPG (the number of shots may differ from the difficulty level). We shoot further 2-3 doublet (PCM) of shotgun. Now we are not shy, we come up in tight, and еб @ шим crowbar “The devil”

Everything, Congratulations, your achivka!

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