Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Secrets of the universe. Achivka “The heart of mystery”

Closing the achievement “The heart of mystery”. Collecting slabs in the locations of the Heart of the Riddle, Forgotten Secrets, The final veil and the legacy of the ancients.


Heart of the puzzle, Forgotten Secrets, The final veil and the legacy of the ancients
Get ready for the fact that it will not work to fly off your feet and close everything in the 1st act =) To solve problems with tiles, you need, actual tiles, which are scattered in different locations, some of which will become available to you already in the 4th act.
Where do we start: first of all, you need to get to the location “The essence of the unknown”, she will be found as soon as you leave Kennabris, and move up on the world map. Everything is as simple as possible, seed puzzle, the plates for solving it are located in the same location, rummage through all the containers, that catch your eye and don't miss.
First of all, we insert the broken slabs that extend beyond the edges., no need to guess, they all have only one option, these slabs further serve us as a hint on how to assemble a puzzle. the whole row opposite the slab with 1 symbol – means, that this row will contain ONLY this symbol. Hint where 2-3-4 characters – means, that this row will contain ONLY these characters in any arbitrary order. Plates can be inserted on either side, like dominoes, therefore, on each cell are drawn 2 pens. Symbols by which the slabs are joined in the grooves, should always be the same. The funny thing is, that all slabs can be installed in all grooves, but if you don't start from the hints – then the decision will not be correct.

The essence of the unknown:

Decided – the secret door will open – loot and stomp out.

After leaving the location, a random meeting will occur on the map, where the spirit will tell you about the location “Heart of the puzzle” – from it you can get through portals to all other riddles.
Next location in line “Forgotten Secrets”. Puzzle Plates can be found before capturing Dresen, in the location “The temple of the desecrated faith”, look for an Egyptian-style drawer, slabs in it. The solution principle is the same, the puzzle just got bigger.

Forgotten Secrets:

Loot the secret door – to the exit.

For solutions “The heart of mystery” – need plates from the location “The ravaged long home” (she is, by the way, not far from the Heart of the Riddle). There we are looking for the same Egyptian box. If faith and political conviction allow – then jump into the well, if not – go to home, there is a descent into the caves with the cherished box.

The heart of mystery:

Loot the cache – ran away to hang out on the plot right up to the return from the Abyss.

For the puzzle in the Last Canopy, you need slabs from the location "Bone Hills". You know, what to search.

The last canopy:

The last tinkering with dominoes in the Legacy of the Ancients, the slabs are in the location "Place of Execution", at the top of the map.

Legacy of the ancients:

And now the final hellish riddle, in the heart of the riddle, a room with 4 portals,here we do not need plates but “type vessels with water of different filling”. We will find them in the location “Laughing Caves”. The box is located at the very end of the location, walk along the cave, wander, kill, sho then there about geese… Come to the portal, which leads to the pocket of the abyss.
From my own experience I will say, before entering the portal, nabafayte group on the tonsils, they are waiting for you there 3 strong demons and succubus. When I first came in, I didn't expect this, I do not know whether it is a difficulty bug or not, but my tima got smeared on the walls 4 times. Take the vessels and go to the Heart of the Riddle.

Heart of the puzzle:

Voila, another portal. They are waiting for you there. Although they are waiting, but not you, this whole mystery was designed in order to lure one particular person, who is this, You will guess from the dialogue.
Small spoiler, a piece of the location is visible from the room, in which Nennio's personal quest is done, but that's a completely different story…=)

From Khilch

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