Aragami 2 hidden murder bug

If you are facing a problem, when the character cannot make a stealth kill or stun, because. with a hidden approach behind the enemy's back, function keys do not appear, then:
1. If you are playing on a 60Hz monitor, then in the game itself, open the settings – Screen – Frame rate limiting – expose 60 and play for fun.
2. If you have a monitor with a higher frequency, then in the game settings – Screen – Frame rate limiting – leave “Without Borders” and close the game, open the control panel of your video card and set it up for Aragami 2 fixed frequency (preferably on 1 frame less, than the frequency of your monitor).
I have a 144Hz monitor and an Nvidia graphics card, therefore, the process for Nvidia cards will be described below, I suspect, that in AMD Control Panel the process is not much different.
Opening the Nvidia Control Panel – Controlling 3D parameters – tab “Software settings” – Select Aragami2.exe from the drop-down list or if it is not in the list, then press the button “Add” and choose from the proposed applications (by default, the latest, so if you recently launched the game, then she will be here) otherwise use the button “Overview” and specify the game directory.
After that, how will you choose the game, it is necessary to find the functions in the list of functions and parameters presented for this game “Max. frame frequency” and “Max. background frame rate” (this function is optional, but it does not help some without it) and for the given functions in the column “Parameter” choose “On” and set the required frame rate, then save changes. Now you can play safely.
P.S. The best thing, fewer problems and questions, if you set the frequency to 1 frame less, for example if you have a 144Hz monitor, then we expose 143 frames / s for both functions, the above. You can also set the exact frequency, but for a number of reasons, problems may arise (e.g. enabled Gsync on monitor), therefore, a universal option for professionals and amateurs is the choice for 1 frame less.
Good game, All good!

By Dizz

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